Workers’ Compensation Benefits You Might Be Liable To Claim

Humans Make Mistakes, Employee Benefits Liability Covers Them

If you or anyone you know has been injured at work and someone else was at fault, you might be entitled to workers’ compensation. Depending on the incident, the level of injury involved, and the defense that’s given in court, you could end up receiving different types of benefits. Here, we’ll give you three of them and discuss what types of situation are related to each one.

1) Permanent Disability Compensation

While the majority of people will recover from their injury, some people are unfortunately left permanently disabled as a result. Help from an attorney can allow them to receive medical benefits and payments from their employer’s insurance company. Returning to work isn’t feasible in this case since the injuries are so severe and have impacted their ability to work.

If your physician has deemed your injury irrecoverable, you’ll be found to be permanent and stationary (P&S). They will then declare whether you’re injury has led to a Permanent Disability (PD), and a subsequent PD rating is given.

2) Temporary Disability Compensation

Temporary disability benefits are available for those who are considered eligible and have suffered time off work but have returned. The amount that’s due is worked on based on your earnings.

The benefits, known as Temporary Disability (TD) benefits, are usually given either by the company you work for or their workers’ compensation insurer. They are paid without taxation and are received once you go back to work.

3) Death Benefits

Death benefits allow you to be compensated when you’re family has died due to an accident at work and they were previously financially responsible for you. That way, you can still be compensated so that you’re not placed under any financial burden. Also, you may be entitled to benefits from the company or their insurer to help cover funeral expenses.

This compensation can be granted to the partner, child, or other relatives of the person who died. The amount of benefits received is attributed based on the number of recipients. They are set at the total rate for disability benefits with a minimum payout of $224 each week. The case can start within one year of the death occurring.

California Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

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