What Are The Different Types Of Credit Card Readers?

Every business needs a credit card reader, but you might not realize how many there are on the market. All the readers that you can buy come with their own software. Plus, you can get readers that work in an office or with a mobile device. Read more if you are trying to decide which card reader you should buy.

The Desk Reader

A credit card reader for your desk is typically only a few inches long. There is a slot where you swipe the card, and you can attach the base of the reader to your desk or monitor. The reader plugs into your computer, and you must download their free software to use the device. If you have a computer in your store, you can use the desk reader because it has a bit more weight than a mobile reader.

The Mobile Card Reader

The mobile card reader attaches to the headphone jack or charging port of your phone. You can use these readers with your tablet, and you will process all payments through an app on the device. The company that made the device has an app that you need to download, and you should establish an account with that company. Your money is sent to the appropriate account, and you swipe cards just like you normally would.

The Mobile Chip Reader

The mobile chip reader is completely different because it allows you to slide in the card’s chip. Chip security is an advanced form of credit card protection that many companies prefer. If you want to use the chip you need a chip reader that you use exclusively. Some companies are even required to use the chip reader because of the nature of their business.

The Combination Chip Reader And Card Swiper

You can buy mobile readers that allow you to swipe or use the chip. You can get a combined unit for your desk, but it will not be much bigger than a traditional card swiper. The device uses the same software you are accustomed to using, and you can let customers swipe if their chip does not seem to be working.

Should You Have Other Options?

You need to make sure that the software that comes with your device allows you to manually enter credit card information. There are times when a customer has used their card so much that it nor longer swipes. Because of this, you should make sure you can key in any cards that are no longer functional. The program notates that you had to key in the numbers, and you can follow up on those purchases in case they turn out to be fraudulent.

Why Do You Need A Credit Card Reader?

You need a credit card machine everyone expects to be able to use their card when they shop with your business. You will turn away a lot of customers if you cannot accept cards. Plus, you can learn to use the swiper’s software in seconds.