Things You Should Start To Doing To Help The Environment

With all of the grim news stories about climate change and the associated natural disasters, who can blame any of us for feeling powerless? However, it is this exact mindset that has gotten us to that point. If we all just enact small practices in our everyday lives, we can begin to make a real difference for our one and only planet.


Make it your business to reduce packaging whenever possible when you go to the store. Instead of putting your purchases in a disposable paper or plastic sack provided by the shop, bring your own cloth or canvas tote from home. Forego plastic bags for your fruits and vegetables. If you have no choice but to buy a product that is packaged, see if you can recycle the containers. Whenever you do, you keep garbage out of landfills.


Staying off the roads cuts down on greenhouse gases and can even reduce your stress level. Try biking, walking or taking public transportation instead of driving. When you do drive, try to carpool if more than one person is going to the same place.


It might not seem like much, but all of the computers and appliances that you leave on stand-by when you are not using them do utilize energy. Before you go to bed, shut down your computer, and unplug items such as toaster ovens and TVs. Over time, energy will be saved, and you might even avoid being the victim of a sudden power surge in the event of a severe lightning storm.


Mobile phones, rechargeable batteries, computers and other electronic devices all eventually break or become obsolete. That doesn’t mean you should simply throw them in the regular trash. Many have rare earth metals as well as lead that can be extracted and reused. Contact your town or city to find out how to best dispose of e-waste so that it does not go into a landfill.


Instead of just throwing away the plastic rings that hold beer cans together, cut them apart. Because they are invisible in water, aquatic creatures can injure themselves on them.

Finally, don’t allow yourself to become cynical. Fight apathy by staying informed via information-packed, positive websites such as the one sponsored by Earthy B. While your actions might not change the world, they just might transform your little part of it and make the earth that much more of a beautiful place.