Reason Why Eating Sweets Is Not All That Bad For You

Sweets get a bad reputation. We associate sweets with sugar, high calories and unhealthy life choices. But sweets are more than just a guilty pleasure — sweets can be the perfect tool to leading a productive and balanced lifestyle. When done right, sweets are not only delicious, they can also carry benefits. Here are 3 reasons why sweets are more than just a guilty delight.

Not all sweets are the same. Some sweets have actual health benefits.

Chocolate is believed to decrease the risk of stroke. Studies show that those who ate chocolate were 17 percent less likely to suffer from a stroke and lower blood pressure. Nevertheless, keep in mind, these studies focus on the benefits of dark chocolate. Cocoa is filled with serotonin, a hormone that is known to help spark happiness and is a natural antidepressant that elevates mood. Pure cocoa has natural health benefits but when mixed in with milk and added sugars, it can’t compare to the health benefits dark chocolate provides. In addition, research shows that eating cookies or cakes in the morning can actually help people lose weight. The reason is sweets, which are high in sugar and calories, help fuel the body in the morning and make you less hungry and have fewer cravings later on in the day. It leads to lower calorie intake, and if done right, sweets can also be made with less sugars and healthier additions. So, next time you have breakfast, skip the cooking and get cake delivery or sweets sent to your home.

Everyone has cravings. Sweets satisfies our sweet tooths

Cravings happen. If you put restrictions on something, especially sweets, it’ll end up having you wanting more. This is what leads to unhealthy binge eating and a big reason why sweets get a bad reputation. Instead, if you can portion your cravings, sweets can satisfy your sweet tooth and be helpful in leading a balanced, healthy diet.

It will inspire to be active.

It may seem counterintuitive but by reaching for that treat, you are making a conscious choice of indulging into something sweet. With it, you also know that in order to savor in those sweets there needs to be output in your own physical activity to lead a balanced diet. It’ll encourage you to go out more, burn off the sugar and lead a more active lifestyle to indulge in more sweets but to also be able to not over-binge on your sugar levels.

Like many things, sweets are beneficial in moderation and can be a great addition to a well-balanced lifestyle. So, don’t think sweets as just a guilty pleasure. You don’t have to feel guilty when fueling your body with some good sweets. It encourages a healthier approach to dieting, eating and food consumption. Hence, next time you see that cookie on your table calling for you. Don’t stop and reach out. Eat and indulge in it.… Read the rest