New Leaf

August 10th, 2005

I’ve been throwing around an entry in my head about “turning over a new leaf,” but honestly, it’s just a bunch of crap. Not because I don’t want to turn over a new leaf, I do very much, but the truth is it is hard to do so.

I’m in a rut. I know I’m in a rut. I can see the rut, I’ve put up signs for the rut that say “Warning! Rut ahead!” but it isn’t exactly as easy to get out as one might think.

And before I continue on any further, the rut is not helping my depression. Note I said “depression” and not “self hatred.” Some people out there seem to be confusing the two. I do not “hate” myself, nor do I want to go and shave my head just to show how ugly I really am. Yes, I am fighting depression. Yes, I have problems, but I still love myself, even when I can’t figure out how to build a ladder out of that rut.

And now, my friends, I came up with an analogy in the shower earlier today and I plan on sharing it with you. In fact, this is possibly the worst analogy ever, right up with the time I compared my child to a dog.

Do you have something you really love? Let’s say you love your car a whole lot. It has that navigation system and fancy radio and the really nice new car smell. The car has no scratches or dents in the door and you think it is FABULOUS. But? In order to keep the car at its best, you have to have a job. Let’s just say you work in the poo factory and you spend a lot of time with poo. You’re not exactly thrilled with the poo factory job but man, you love that car and would do anything for it.

So at the poo factory you work.

End the worst analogy in the world. I’m not exactly sure what it means but I’m sure you can all figure it out in your own way. I think the car has something to do with my kid.

The deal is, there are ways to get out of my “rut.” I think it is something you like doing, something that makes you happy. If you’ve read any blogs for more than two minutes, you’d realize that different things make different people happy. For some, it seems to be a good boinking. Some people want to look perfect; their idea of happiness is having everyone think they are beautiful. Some people want to work their way up the corporate ladder until they are The Boss.

I want to be creative; to be able to make a living for myself by being creative. I’m not a “worker bee,” working for other people in the 9-5 fashion doesn’t do it for me. I think its hard for some people to understand but not everyone is suited for that lifestyle.

I’ve always had the entreprenuerial spirit. My ideal has always been doing it my way, working for myself, answering to myself as the boss. I’d totally give myself spankings and wouldn’t think twice of firing myself if I caught myself writing badly about myself on my blog.

So yeah, now you can see. There are things I want to do. Being my own boss isn’t the only thing I want to do, the ability to get out of the house is something else I’d like to do.

I find myself constantly worrying about how I’ll manage when there’s another one here. I’m scared that I’ll never get to leave the house. You see, and I’ve said it before, we live in an apartment on the 3rd floor. We can only pay X amount of dollars a month. For a variety of reasons I won’t go into on here, we need to stay in the town we’re currently in.

I found a house for rent this weekend that was the same exact rent we are paying now. Three bedrooms, two baths, a garage and it didn’t seem too ghetto. We were going to go do a drive by the next day, so I went back online to find out the details.

It was already off the market.

So we drove around, looking for homes that “might” be in our price range. I looked at all the houses built around 1980 in the “older” neighborhoods. Plusses for people parking their cars in the street and double plusses for beer cans in the road.

Poor people leave beer cans in the road!

Unfortunately, some people are thinking a little too highly of their rental properties. Very Mom seemed to find a picture of one of the places we drove by. Let’s just say it was about $350 more than we pay a month now.

So yeah, this isn’t exactly going where I planned on it going. But? I’m trying. I see where I need to be heading. I see what I want; I just can’t figure out how to get there. I’ll also give you an example that pretty much sums up my experience with the money/house/getting out/depression thing.

I go to the “salon” today for a haircut. It is one of the few “nice” things I do for myself as I am a big believer in having “decent” hair done. By “decent,” I pay about $40 which is enough to make me want to cry. But luckily, I only go in once or twice a year so it all works out okay!

The lady makes a comment on how badly my hair is looking. I tell her my hair is sad and tired. She goes about her business, cutting hair and occassionally answering her cell phone to say “Vhat do vu vant?”

You’d think she was Eastern European, nope, she was Asian.

Her: Is this your natural hair color?
Me: Yes. Blah blah used to color don’t anymore blah blah money blah blah
Her: Oh.
Me: Um, I know you’re a professional color person and stuff, but I was wondering if you could give me some tips on highliting at home.
Her: No, you do not color your own hair.
Me: But I don’t have the money to get my hair professionally colored. I just wanted to do highlites. You give me tip?
Her: No, I don’t color my own hair and I’m a professional. Some people here charge a lot, like $85. Everyone charges different.
Me: Oh, that’s too much to color hair.
Her: Oh, but some people charge a lot less!
Me: Really?
Her: Yes, some people charge $75.

Then she goes on a tirade about how I should get a job like her so I’m not at home with the babies all day. I was telling her how tired I am all the time (hello I’m pregnant) and here’s the kicker, something you never say to pregnant women:

“Oh you think it is bad now? Just wait until the second one comes along! Ha!”


  1. Beth wrote,

    That hair salon woman should have her mouth washed out with soap. Everyone knows you don’t say stupid or scary stuff to moms-to-be, even second-time moms-to-be. What a dope she is. Just know her comments are more about her own crap than what you should be doing. And you can totally color your own hair at home, but make sure you put down a big sheet or something in the bathroom and clean up drips right away. You can also use baby wipes to wipe the drips (if any) off your face. Baby wipes are a miracle product! :-) Oh, and get naked when you do it, so you don’t wreck your clothes. I do my own hair and it looks good and it’s a lot less than $75. Everything will be okay. Take one step at a time. *hugs*

    Comment on 8/10/2005 @ 10:15 pm

  2. rachael wrote,

    augh! dumb woman. some people don’t know how to not say stupid crap.

    re: the hair, i’ve never highlighted my hair myself, but i’ve colored it and i’ve also colored a friend’s hair. if you don’t wanna go nekkid, pin a nice old towel around your shoulders and wear an old pair of pants/shorts.

    and i LOVE baby wipes. :-)

    Comment on 8/10/2005 @ 10:52 pm

  3. rachael wrote,

    by ‘nice’ old towel i meant an absorbent, i.e. useful, old towel.

    whatever. i’m not making any sense. :-p

    Comment on 8/10/2005 @ 10:52 pm

  4. ManicMom wrote,

    When we moved here and I had to find a new stylist, I cringed when I found out how much it would cost for her to highlight and color my hair. $65 for color, $60 for highlights. So, knowing I can’t spend that much money on myself and not feel immense guilt, I went out and bought a $3.97 box of haircolor. I’ve colored my hair for years, so I’m used to it…I was just so spoiled having it done for me for a couple of years and having it last so much longer. Sigh…

    I’d come over and do it for you if I could!

    The suggestions above are very good - but I’ve never done home highlighting…those Herbal Essences streaking kits seem kinda gloopy to me, but that’s just my opinion. I’d try that Colour Experte line from Loreal (I think) if you want to do color and highlights in one session. I think it’s like $16-$20 at Wal-Mart or Target, not on sale. I’ve been meaning to try it…might just go do that in a couple weeks.

    I was whining last month about how much I hate living here (in MD), but fortunately, I like our house (rental) for the most part. But I cannot wait until we can get the hell out of this state (which probably won’t be for a few years). It gives me something to look forward to, otherwise, as depressed as I’ve been, I’d be unable to come out of my bedroom except when the baby is up.

    Try to find something to look forward to - that’s the only way I’m hangin’ on these days :) Even if it’s just getting past the first trimester - which is a big thing.


    Comment on 8/10/2005 @ 11:18 pm

  5. lexagirl wrote,

    Before having kids I was ‘haute couture’ - now I am ‘Sears Catalogue.’ (I also do my own highlights - help me.)

    Comment on 8/10/2005 @ 11:38 pm

  6. Kathryn wrote,

    It’s just a “season” in your life. Try to make the best out of it.

    I remember being right where you are several years ago when I would see my friends with their expensive cars and their fancy houses. One time, one of my friends was going to put their house on the market; they offered it to us first. There was no way in hell that we could afford it but I didn’t want to admit it.

    Eventually that all changed. My hubs made more money as he grew his career, we moved up and up again.

    In the meantime…
    Color your own hair.
    Enjoy your babies; it goes by way too fast.
    It won’t always be this way.

    Just think; you could be me… I had it “all” and traded it all in to be a divorced woman who became a lesbian…

    Comment on 8/10/2005 @ 11:38 pm

  7. Lisa wrote,

    Just wondering. Why are you guys renting? Could you not purchase a hime for much cheaper or is that out of the question? I know we were renting and it was about 500 more than what we are spending now in our owned home with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a two car garage. Just wondering why you are renting?

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 12:03 am

  8. Debbie wrote,

    First of all, (and I have asked you this b4) are you writing anything else besides your blog? You are very talented and should be writing a book, magazine articles or something. I have always made a little extra money as a freelance writer and I don’t have nearly the amount of talent you do.

    Otherwise, you are very cute and supposedly there is quite the market for pics of naked pregnant women. Get busy!

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 6:23 am

  9. Pam wrote,

    Random suggestion here… this is not a career thing or anything, but doing product research studies can get you some quick money, and it safer than selling platelets. There should be a couple agencies in the Houston area that will conduct research studies on new products, etc. Here in Atlanta, I’m in one now that paying over $100 to test out swim diapers on my son. Go fig. We’re getting paid to poop.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 7:14 am

  10. Autumn wrote,

    Awww…that house was cute. A fixer upper!

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 8:03 am

  11. Citizen Mom wrote,

    My own analogy, in regards to the “rut” you find yourself in:
    “I love high heeled shoes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hurt my fucking feet sometimes.”
    People don’t get it…they think that because you love your babies and the Mom thing, that you therefore are NEVER allowed to be unhappy. I find that it is my unmarried/childless girlfriends who are the worst offenders of this. One of them actually gave me the line about how “well, you wanted to get married and be a mother so bad, stop complaining about it.”
    Then I reminded her how she continues to fuck inappropriate/unavailable men, so she should never complain about being over 40 and unmarried.
    Try not to think of it as a rut, but a precipice. You’re on the verge of greatness, you just can’t see what’s over the cliff yet.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 8:30 am

  12. Laura GF wrote,

    Not having money sucks so bad. I agree with Kathryn that it’s important to keep in mind that this is just one part of your life. Also, didn’t Ellie just eat a sandwich yesterday? With that kind of dexterity, surely she can learn to wield a bottle of hair dye…

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 8:35 am

  13. honey bunny wrote,

    i’m exactly like you, SJ. i want to be my own boss. i’m no good at corporate jobs. i sit here for 8-10 hours a day and do NOTHING. i fill paper and answer the phone and field email and set up A/V equipment and listen to angry scientists bitch about how their proposals didn’t print right (that’s my my fault, buddy!). but what gets me down is the sitting here for 9 hours a day when i could be home, creating beautiful things. i always sit back and think about how completely productive my days off are. i mean, seriously…i get so much done when i’m not stuck in this building.

    now, if i only had some sort of business sense i might be able to become my own boss some day. but sadly, i lack that feature that makes the work-from-home deallie, well, work.


    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 8:39 am

  14. Monique wrote,

    You absolutely can dye/highlight/streak/chunk your hair yourself–I’ve been doing mine for 11 years, and I’ve come up with some looks even stylists say they can’t do. For me, the trick is to not be too fixated on a specific outcome. By that, I don’t mean accidentally turning your hair some bizarre color (FWIW, the only times that’s happened to me were when I was going for a bizarre color!), but that the first couple of times you do streaks, for example, the streaks might come out wider or narrower than you want. You have to be a bit flexible and willing to experiment, but even if the result is different than what you had in mind, it’s still likely to look good. Which will make you feel really good and empowered, not only because you saved money but because you came up with your look on your own. And on the off chance that it doesn’t look good, it’s hair. You can dye it again. Just be sure to condition well.

    For your initial foray into highlights, I recommend getting one of the L’Oreal highlight kits mentioned above–they’re $18 at my local grocery. It might seem pricey compared to the other kits, but they come with a base color and a higlight color, the tools you need, and detailed instructions. I rinse off and keep the highlighting wands for future reuse, which also allows me to pick out whatever colors I want later on, rather than only the ones available in a highlighting kit.

    Stylists have to make a living too, so I’ve found they’re not likely to give DIY pointers and some may even try scare tactics to convince you not to experiment. Sure, people have bad experiences dying their own hair, but people also have bad experiences getting their hair colored at salons. I definitely think it’s worth trying for yourself. :)

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 9:10 am

  15. Amber wrote,

    It is easy to color your own hair. I personally use Loreal (I forget what it is called–it is in a red box) with the hair color and the highlights. I do the color myself and have my husband help with the highlights. You just paint them on. I also cut my own hair (again with help from husband) for about four years.

    I don’t know about the job front. I know that most working moms I know are able to pay daycare and that is about it with their paychecks. What about the whole baking thing you were doing for a while? You seemed to really love that….

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 9:11 am

  16. Amber wrote,

    Oh yeah! A little advice — if you color your hair and it is just “too much” try washing it with Tide (not Tide with bleach, liquid Tide or Tide with bleach alternative, just regular old tide detergent). This breaks the color down a bit. If that doesn’t tone it down enough you should go to your local beauty supply store and buy Metalex (I think that is how you spell it — pronounced Metal X). Put it on you hair (also a great conditioning treatment), put on one of the plastic caps (looks like a shower cap) and blow dry it for 20 minutes. This also breaks color down. I had a hair debacle a few years ago and this did wonders.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 9:17 am

  17. Susan wrote,

    I suggest rubbing a little mayo through your hair… perhaps a couple slices of salami and pepperjack cheese. Just because.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 9:24 am

  18. Ty wrote,

    she’s out of pepperjack cheese…


    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 9:43 am

  19. Sarcastic Journalist wrote,

    RE: Why we just don’t buy. It’s hard to explain, but buying right now would still end up putting us a little more than we should be paying a month. This area has EXTREMELY high property taxes and a lot of the cities (yes, CITIES) have homeowners fees they tack on. So yeah, something that would originally cost $600/month gets jacked up to $1000 easily.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 10:44 am

  20. Amy wrote,

    Just to be obnoxious, I have to respond to the rent vs. buy comment. Where I live in the SF Bay Area, renting is currently cheaper than buying. Maybe not in the long long run and yes, we do get a tax break from buying. BUT we can easily rent a nicer place in a better school district than the one we own here in a subpar district for MUCH cheaper than our mortgage/property taxes/insurance payment. I’m talking about $1400 cheaper. Sometimes it’s not a matter of, “Just go out and buy a house - it’s cheaper.” For many many people, that’s just not the case.

    That being said, I agree with another commenter that this is a “just a stage” of your life and it won’t last forever. I also know that that DOES NOT help to hear! :) I had my first child unexpectedly at age 24 in a city where everyone is at least 30 before they even think about having kids. I was married and had a job, but once the baby was born, major isolation. It’s safe to say that while I love my kids very much and CHOSE to stay home with them (why oh why), I have at least as many bad days as good. I am eager for this “stage” to be over so I can be the one to look back and say, “Enjoy it while it lasts - it goes by so fast.” Because from where I’m sitting this morning, it doesn’t go by fast enough! :)

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 11:19 am

  21. debu_goober wrote,

    I hereby give you permission to eat some pie. Pie will never fail you.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 11:23 am

  22. poobou wrote,

    That hairstylist? Totally deserved a punch in the nose. And you CAN highlight your own hair, for god’s sake. Get one of those kits with the little shower caps where you pull your hair through the holes. You might need The Hubs to help you out with the back of your head, because it’s sort of hard to do yourself. Or you can just go for highlights on top & leave it at that. Super-easy.

    Btw, is it possible that the depression might be at least somewhat linked to the crazy pregnant hormones? Not to minimize it because I know that clinical depression is something that you deal with anyway, but is it possible that the pregnancy is aggravating it? Just a thought. Sorry you’re in a rut, hope you can find a path out of it soon.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 12:13 pm

  23. Surcie wrote,

    Lordamercy. What a bitch.
    The first time I had my hair cut when I was pregnant, my stylist said, “Your hair, so LIMPY!” He was Vietnamese and cute as a button, but on that day, he would not shut up about my limpy-ness and made me feel like poo. (That was the last time I saw him.) Girl, you can highlight your hair at home. They’ve made it so easy to do, nobody will know you didn’t get it done at a salon. Stylists can be such snobs when it comes to non-salon products.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 12:51 pm

  24. MoxieMomma wrote,

    definitely color your own hair! lots of kits out there that are really easy to use, especially those comb in ones. i once made my hubby pull my hair through a highlighting cap while he sat and watched tv. he sucked at it, but it was funny and it worked.

    salon voman sounds like a big loser. ignore her. it’s fine with two, really. and honestly, i get out more with two than i did with one. i think it’s partly because the first one is now involved in activities that require me to drive him around. we aren’t slaves to the nap schedule, number 2 just has to make do. and she’s FINE. so get your first one into some cheapo activities just so you’ll have to go places.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 12:53 pm

  25. Y wrote,

    We SO need to go to NYC. Seriously.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 1:15 pm

  26. Em wrote,

    One suggestion, totally ghetto but I think you learn to accept ghetto, then, God forbid, like ghetto (I did): is there a beauty school near you? They really will do a color cheap and as far as I know, are well supervised so you don’t end up all Little Orphan Annie or anything.

    FWIW, it does NOT get harder with #2 (baby, not feces). Granted, there will be good and bad days, just like now but eventually, especially with them close in age, they entertain each other and give you a break. Case in point, I’m here. #1 and #2 are laughing their arses off upstairs. Soon, I will go see if they are ruining my stuff but for now, BLISS!

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 2:29 pm

  27. Jenna wrote,

    I dont recomment coloring your own hair, especially not highlighting it. There is a huge difference between drugstore color and salon color, there really is. Salons are expensive, so I recommend looking into finding a local hairstyling school. They’re usually cheaper, and their teachers are not going to allow them to touch a client’s hair until they know what they’re doing.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 2:55 pm

  28. JP wrote,

    I’m not gonna sit here and barf out advice/something that would inevitable make you feel worse (I just have that affect on people, lol) so I’ll just send an internet hug your way and let you know I’m thinking about ya. Dunno if it’ll help…but here’s hopin’.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 3:02 pm

  29. Princess wrote,

    Not having any money certainly makes life more complicated sometimes it seems…I know I don’t have to worry about all of the things (like babies!) that you have to worry about paying for, but money in my little world is tight, and always has been. In an effort to get out of crushing debt, which is what you get yourself in when you make $21,000 and move out on your own at 20 and have to use credit cards to buy groceries and gas to survive, I am on a stricter than strict budget. It sucks. Wow, does it suck. And it sucks to not be able to buy new clothes or get my hair done or my nails or sometimes even buy things that I need. BUT, one day…no more debt. So, I can relate to you on the depressing life of no money for the “little” things that a lot of people take for granted, or for being able to rent or own a house. No, money doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy fun and sanity, and on occasion respectability.

    A little tip on the hair coloring…I’ve found that little places, like the beauty shop equivalent of a mom & pop kind of joint are MUCH more affordable for hair coloring. I know that in Houston, you may not be able to find a place like that real close, but maybe in one of the smaller “po dunk” towns surrounding Houston. I have a place about 30 minutes from Dallas that I can get high lights for $35-45, and I have LONG hair. Look for the kind of place where the stylists still wear leggings from the ’80s, have the Poof bangs from the ’90s, and are sweet unassuming gals. I tried the $20 home kit once, and well, it didn’t turn out well. I’d rather pay the extr $20 bucks to have a professional do it, cause I felt even more depressed when I was trying to get over the damage I inflicted on my hair at home, and didn’t have the money to get it professionally fixed!

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 3:45 pm

  30. Amy Steier wrote,

    Post a picture of your new hairdo. And your belly again, too.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 3:55 pm

  31. Tammy/averagemom wrote,

    SJ, I understand about not being able to buy a house. I’m in the same spot. Even $20 a month can make a difference, right?! Sometimes it just isn’t possible! Hang in there. I wish you lived closer, we could trade off kids once in awhile.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 4:16 pm

  32. Mae wrote,

    I SO understand how important it is to want to feel pretty when your stuck and home and/or pregnant. So, here’s my 2 cents on your highlights. You can totally do awesome highlights at home. If you need all over color, try L’Oreal Couleur Experte Kit (there is a $5 off coupon on their website.) If you just need highlights, try Feria Strands. (under $10.) I have used both many times, just make sure you follow the directions, and be sure to alternate sides so they look natural. The only time I think people should absolutely get highlights done professionally is if they have very drastic layers. Your hair would be perfect to do at home- you can do a great job! As far as beauty school’s go- you’d think the instructors wouldn’t let them cut until they know what they are doing, right? Wrond! My SIL is in her 2nd year of beauty school, they started cutting 3 months into school, she said they were cutting “real people’s” hair before any of them knew really what they were doing! She still says she has about 50% good cuts and 50% bad cuts- she has scared me away from beauty schools forever!
    Go do it yourself- you’ll feel great for being pretty, crafty, AND economical!

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 4:38 pm

  33. mrsmogul wrote,

    I’m PG too. I also want to have a career. I am a total entrepreneur!

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 4:46 pm

  34. David Brown wrote,

    I have sporadically read your site ever since I found out about it from all your “press” around how you lost your 9-5 job. My wonderful wife is also a full-time mom and a lot of the things you say help me understand the things she is going through. You put such a wonderful, sarcastic spin on things that it makes even a conservative management type interested! I’m sure you are already working on it and don’t need any career advice but if you did write a book, do a newspaper or magazine column, audio book or anything else I’d buy it. You definately have some talent. Have you thought of doing a “Best Of Sarcastic Journalist” e-Book and selling it online through your site? I’m not a super blog savvy person but I would gladly pay for a compiled version of your best stuff for my wife. If you did the e-Book you could do it all by yourself and not have to deal with publishers at all! I probably only get to your site once every few weeks; if you decide to do that send me an e-mail. Keep up the great work.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 8:30 pm

  35. Jenna wrote,

    My brother is in beauty school, and I would totally go there before going to a salon ever again. Besides the fact that my brother *knows* how I want to look, any hairdresser can screw up your hair, no matter how long they’ve been styling. They were in their second term before they ever started doing clients (although he was coloring my hair at home long before that, just because he KNEW what he was doing, its nice to have my own personal stylist ;) ).

    But yeah, the problem with drugstore color is that it will never come out the way it looks on the box. Its made for virgin hair, not precolored hair, so unless you plan on just touching up your roots it could begin to look horrible. Even streaks arent guaranteed. My best friend’s sister had to start dying her hair brown after the highlights kept coming out really orange.

    But sometimes you do have to splurge on yourself sometimes anyway.

    Comment on 8/11/2005 @ 8:53 pm

  36. Marsha wrote,

    I am so jealous of your fabulous writing. I feel much the same way about my decision to be a stay at home mom and all I have given up. My oldest daughter is 14 and she is doing so well in school and in self esteem, so much better than when I worked. My two year old and husband are both better off as well. But, there is the money issue and the self esteem issue, no matter what it is hard.

    You express these feelings that are so common with mothers, why not try to profit from it. Perhaps you can begin to submit articles to women’s magazines. Try browzing the magazine section of your local stores and submit some of your favorite posts to every magazine you can come up with. JK Rowling was a single mom on welfare.

    Comment on 8/12/2005 @ 6:27 pm

  37. Isaac's Mom wrote,

    Your stylist is obviously an f-ing beeyatch. If you didn’t walk out on her right then and there, you are a more forgiving person than I.

    Regarding the house — we are also facing this dilemma, with a mediocre income and a strong desire to buy a house that didn’t used to be a meth lab. Advice we got from my husband’s colleague (HC), seriously, is to find yourself a kick-ass realtor. HC said he and his wifey burned through about a dozen realtors before they found a lady who lived to put people into perfect houses. The problem is that the houses you and I can afford only exist on the “hot sheets” for seconds at a time before they get swiped up — a rambunctious realtor will eat,sleep,and poo on these hot sheets for you. The best part about them is, unfortunately, taking advantage of houses that are part of divorce settlements, as HC and his wifey did, where they got a fabulous house in a fabulous neighborhood for more that $20K less than what it should have cost.

    Or you could just salivate over those online listings until the bubble bursts and Regular Janes like us can afford houses again. Whenever THAT happens.

    Comment on 8/13/2005 @ 9:21 pm

  38. Jazzy wrote,

    Aveda School opens soon in TWDLDS and they do hair for cheap, but are usually pretty good. May already be open as a matter of fact. Hope you are doing okay. Need to get together so the fetus’ can talk.

    Comment on 8/16/2005 @ 3:00 pm

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