Ellie Month Seven

February 10th, 2005

Dear Ellie,

In a few days, you turn seven months old. I can’t believe that you are seven months old! I say that every month, but really, every month I’m just surprised at how big my little girl is becoming.

I guess that I’m coming to the realization that you aren’t always going to be itty bitty.

One morning, I woke up and you were next to me on your hands and knees, rocking back and forth. I totally thought it was a fluke until you continued to do it later on in the day. You still haven’t figured out how to crawl, even though we’ve tempted you with contraband like remote controls, my purse and dirty socks.

Yes, you like dirty socks. You’re also a big fan of sucking on my shoelaces. When you’re playing on the ground next to me and you’re just a little too quiet, I know you’re sucking shoelaces.

You can now pull yourself up on things, but you haven’t figured out how to do it when I’m not around. You’ve held onto the couch and walked along it for a few seconds and in that moment both your Mommy and Daddy crapped their pants because THEIR LITTLE GIRL IS WALKING ALONG THE COUCH!

You also whine. Oh my gosh. The whining! Waaahh and uggggg and ummmmmmm and everything else until you finally get your way. Don’t think you’re always going to get your way because I watch Super Nanny and Dr. Phil. You have a currency, little girl. Your currency right now is food and I really can’t take that away from you.

But those “educational toys” that make all that noise? The educational toys that are about to drive me bonkers? I’ll totally take those away. I dare you to give me a “titty twister” one more time while I sleep.

I dare you.

Anyway, you are growing in leaps and bounds and you’re not just a baby but your own little person. I’m so glad I get to stay at home with you everyday and watch you smile and scowl and have picture-taking time with you.

You are so special and so wonderful. You are my beautiful little bear.

I love you.



  1. Emily wrote,

    Oh S.J.! Like I said last night, the love you show for your beautiful itty bitty makes me look forward to having one of my own! Thank you for your wonderful site!

    Comment on 2/10/2005 @ 11:19 am

  2. Lujza wrote,

    I cannot say it enough….she’s absolutely gorgeous!

    Comment on 2/10/2005 @ 11:50 am

  3. AyEnDeeAreEeAyAitch wrote,

    She is a cutie pie and I love her mop of hair. You’re a good Momma.

    Comment on 2/10/2005 @ 12:20 pm

  4. Shylah wrote,

    She looks just like you, right down to that little smirk in the first picture. I can’t believe it’s been seven months!

    Comment on 2/10/2005 @ 12:46 pm

  5. Ninotchka wrote,

    SO CUTE! I love your updates but I can’t believe she’s 7 months. Seems like just yesterday she was like, what?, 4 months or something? Time flies! Nice to see you’re enjoying every moment. Even the not-so-cute ones. :)

    Comment on 2/10/2005 @ 1:42 pm

  6. Antonia wrote,

    I love the picture where nhe’s looking in the mirror. And the hair on this kid! Totally awesome.

    Comment on 2/10/2005 @ 2:18 pm

  7. brilly wrote,

    I love the one where she’s looking in the mirror. She looks like a cheeky girl. I mean that in the nicest possible way.

    Comment on 2/10/2005 @ 2:55 pm

  8. Angie wrote,

    Just wait till she hits 13 and you sit back and wonder where the hell all the years went. I still remember my oldest as a little baby. (sighs)

    Comment on 2/10/2005 @ 3:33 pm

  9. MollieBee wrote,

    Wasn’t she just 6 months? Damn kids, they never stop growing do they? Look at her blonde hair! She makes the cutest expressions. Beautiful, lovely girl.

    Comment on 2/10/2005 @ 3:41 pm

  10. Jessica wrote,

    What an absolute doll. That mirror picture cracks me up.

    Comment on 2/10/2005 @ 3:49 pm

  11. elizabetht wrote,

    SJ, your daughter is so freaking cute. i love love the first picture. thanks for hanging in there.. you’ve got a great style and your honesty is so refreshing.

    Comment on 2/10/2005 @ 3:52 pm

  12. chris wrote,

    love the photos! they really say what seven months is all about! love the fact that you are wise enough to enjoy this moment in time, even though some would say there’s nothing momentous about it- moms know better!

    Comment on 2/10/2005 @ 5:19 pm

  13. Cristin wrote,

    OH MY GOD! Look at that hair!
    love it!

    Comment on 2/10/2005 @ 10:01 pm

  14. Bob Wilson wrote,

    Rachel, I knew you had the stuff of celebrity. What’s going on in Houston? I left the H-S on Jan. 3; new owners didn’t want me, and I sure as hell didn’t want them. So I took early retirement. Now I’m being sliced and diced by orthopedic surgeons; hand surgery in December, knee replacement coming up March 15. Let me hear from you.

    Comment on 2/17/2005 @ 8:03 pm

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