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August 30th, 2004

In case you haven’t wasted enough time here already, or if you find my sometimes painfully short posts to be detrimental to your health, there is now another option for you.

Nouvel, my “other” blog for longer works of writing is now up. Thanks to Linda at Auterrific for nominating me.

This blog will contain many things: Stories from the past, long writings about things in my life…basically anything I want to try to expand on.

I still haven’t decided what to do about SJ when this blog will go to Bloggy Heaven on October 1st. I’m still working on a domain name (It seems as if Shenuts.com is pretty popular) and all the stuff like that.

I’ve decided to keep the name SJ but will not use it as my domain.


  1. Texas T-bone wrote,

    I’ll definitely update your link when you move the main blog elsewhere, but only if I can continue to list you as “Sarcastic Journalist.” I don’t think I could put “Shenuts” on my blog roll without cringing. :-)

    Besides, it sounds like ebonics. “She nuts, I tell you.”

    Comment on 8/31/2004 @ 10:43 am

  2. Ms. Pants wrote,

    I could put “SHENUTS” on my blog in bold, all caps, and 90 point type. :-)

    Sorry for, um… starting that snowball. (But only a *little* sorry. Cos shenuts is fucking funny!)

    Comment on 8/31/2004 @ 12:11 pm

  3. backgamon rules wrote,

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