Butts and stuff

And now, since I can’t find any news to write about, I will instead just post pictures of a bunch of asses.

8 Responses to “Butts and stuff”

  1. Michele
    July 7th, 2004 15:32

    HEY! those two guys are my candidates. they may be asses, but dammit, they beat the ass who is in the white house right now.

    ok. i won’t be one of those angry, liberals any more. i won’t!

  2. mace
    July 7th, 2004 15:50

    Yeah, it’s pretty said when those asses are the best thing we have to vote for in November.

  3. CinS
    July 7th, 2004 19:28

    yes, they’re total asses.

  4. jen
    July 7th, 2004 20:32

    We have good hair!

    And that totally makes up for the fact that we’ll completely ignore any possibility of medical tort reform!

  5. Norman
    July 7th, 2004 20:59

    Yes, we’re for the middle class - that would be those of you making what…$250,000 - $500,000 a year? We’ve already got ours either by marriage or litigation.

    Can you say socialist?!

  6. Anonymous
    July 7th, 2004 21:21

    At least they’re not Bush and his war criminal West Wingers.

  7. Jamie
    July 12th, 2004 16:05

    “At least they’re not Bush and his war criminal West Wingers.”

    LMAO… afriad to show your name… LOL

    I am from Texas and I love our President… war-bully-excutioner and all! Let me pay taxes for the exuctions on the real criminals not the keeping these people behind bars for the rest of their lives for killing someone’s loved one.
    (no I haven’t had one murder in my family, I am just a col heartless bitch)

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    April 4th, 2005 22:08

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