Gag me with this gag gift

I’ve always thought there was a double standard in Hollywood when it comes to nudity. You know, show the boobs but never show the weiner? Well, now that’s changing….sort of.

Come on ladies…you know you want to see Guys Gone Wild!

Yes, yes. Guys Gone Wild…just like the female counterpart. Okay, so I get the premise, naked college-aged guys, showing it off for the camera.

The stars are young, good-looking guys who aren’t shy about taking it all off and letting it all hang out. They gyrate like strippers, do push-ups and, in one memorable scene, bounce up and down on their hotel room beds while tossing a football back and forth.

Wow, naked guys bouncing and tossing footballs? What a dream!

Of course, they have plenty of guys who just want to lift their shirts and scream “Guys Gone Wild!” Lifting their shirts? Thats just like me showing my arm and saying “Woo hoo! I’m a girl gone wild!”

And of course, the boy on boy kissing isn’t there. I think that’s a double standard too. Oh, its all sexy and hot to see two sorority sisters make out, but two guys? No way.

Now, I really don’t feel the need to see two guys make out, but I think it is still a double standard.

Whatever. All these people who appear in these videos have serious issues.

5 Responses to “Gag me with this gag gift”

  1. James
    July 2nd, 2004 13:18

    Hey! I don’t have issues! They offered me a lot of money, plus fame and fortune! That’s why I did it. (I bet you wanna rent it now, don’t ya? LOL)

  2. mace
    July 2nd, 2004 13:46

    I don’t think it is a double standard. We don’t see women�s crotches very often so we don’t see guys. Girls usually don’t want to see wieners anyways. All they have to do is ask me. I’ll whip it out.

  3. Stacey
    July 2nd, 2004 13:52

    penises are boring anyway ;)

  4. Jae
    July 2nd, 2004 18:09

    Sounds like it’ll be a number one hit in the gay community. *yawn*

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    April 4th, 2005 22:08

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