Baby babble

Membranes are stripped. Didn’t hurt at all. Wonder if I’ll go into labor????? BTW, now I know why everyone says I look “so little.” I’m measuring 37 weeks. But I’m really 39. How do I know for sure??

Natural Family Planning. Gets you “in the know” with your cooter.

PS– didn’t hurt at all! I want to strip my membranes EVERY DAY!

13 Responses to “Baby babble”

  1. Traci
    July 1st, 2004 13:55

    Ohhhh, the count down begins! Congratulations!

  2. Shylah
    July 1st, 2004 13:58

    YAY! I’m so excited!

  3. Nicole
    July 1st, 2004 14:13

    Oh I can’t wait! How exciting. I wish one of my docs had done that with either kid. This one I am gonna ask if he can at like 35 weeks since mine like to be overdue! Can’t believe your due date is so near already! Wait I think I need a few more !!!!!!.

  4. Michele
    July 1st, 2004 14:26

    yeah stripping membranes!! that sounds like a band name. “hello NEW YORK!! THIS IS ’stripping membranes’ and this song’s from our first album, ‘out with the membrane!’”
    you are gonna be a baby mamma any day now! yeah!

  5. Auty
    July 1st, 2004 14:39

    It just sounds terrible, the membrane stripping. Yikes!

    Ok…so like I really hope you have a labor that is easy (when it begins) and I really hope you write about it as soon as you can (afterwards).

  6. Julie
    July 1st, 2004 15:07

    Happy membrane stripping day. Is that what we would wish you now? At any rate, congrats, Ellie’s going to be here before you know it. :)

  7. dee
    July 1st, 2004 15:26

    i hate to be the bearer of this news but…i had my membranes stripped in both my pregnancies but it didn’t do squat. one came 4 weeks later, the other never came on his own (induction). i would be hanging around the house waiting for something to happen.

  8. dee
    July 1st, 2004 15:27

    DUH i mean’t I WOULDN’T be hanging around the house waiting for something to happen.

  9. Lauren
    July 1st, 2004 16:10

    *crossing fingers for you* but you CAN’T have Ellie before I have Grace!! no no no!!! =)~

  10. Life's Just Ducky: Quack Quack!
    July 1st, 2004 17:03

    The waiting game.
    Still here, still waiting. Nothing really going on other then [whines] it’s hottttt [/whine]. The phone has been ringing off…

  11. Jae
    July 1st, 2004 19:27

    Ooooh, are you serious? I about chewed through my own teeth when I had my membranes stripped with my first. YOWZER! I went into labor not 24 hours later, good luck!!

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