Its a blog eat blog world

So I was surfing around to some blogs I normally don’t read tonight (while not packing) and I saw several point to this NY Times article.

Turns out we’re all obsessive-compulsive dorks who are addicted to our laptops. Nice, eh? :)

I’m still in the process of reading the story and it makes some good points. Points that my husband often make. Most blogs suck. Plain and simple.

“This is what I ate today.” Great. Go do something exciting, then tell me about it, biznitch. The worst are the ones that people seem to write to two or three of their friends and forget the random audience that might find the blog.

They suck, too.

I understand its hard to have a good blog. I’m still working on that aspect myself. There are millions of reasons why people choose to blog. Me? I guess I started as a way to post my rants with everything going on in life.

Now that I’m stuck at home by myself, its definately not as exciting as it was. Hmph. Oh well.

I’m not addicted to blogging. In fact, I had to convince the hubs that I was not going to bring my laptop with me on my trip to Houston. I was like “Why? I’d rather you have it.”

The whole bloggy universe is a crazy thing. I don’t think people realize that sometimes, especially when they are new. Like the whole blogrolling thing? I just don’t get it. I’ve considered taking my whole thingie down several times, but just never get around to it. Who cares if I’m linking you? Are my feelings hurt if you, a person I’ve never even read except once or twice, delinks me? Will I even NOTICE?

Well, probably not unless you make some big stink about it.

People really think they can have you typecast just by reading your blog. I’m sure I’ve done it to a few people. I think there are some people that I read that I have an accurate idea of in my head. I have a feeling they’d be very similar in real life to how they are on their blog.

As for me? That’s hard to say. You only see certain parts of my personality on here, the parts that I’m letting you see. Sometimes I let you see more than I planned on. Then if I feel I get burned for doing so, I might pull back. Let you see less for awhile.

What I’ve thought to myself plenty of times, especially in light of the publicity I got after The Event of The Firing, is this: Unless you knew I was SJ, if you met me in real life, you’d have no freaking clue. None. Zilch.

I just posed the topic of this to my husband. “It’s part of you, yes. All the stuff on your blog is something you would say. Well, except for commenting on someone and (their use of) anal lube and whatnot.”

Let’s clear it up even more: You wouldn’t get to hear the Good Stuff unless you knew me well. But if you did, you would know that tonight, I called my double chocolate chip cookies “African American cookies.”

But I wouldn’t go and say that at the grocery store. Not here, anyway. :)

Basically, blogging is a crazy thing. Most people I know in the real world don’t do it. A few, like my friend Curly Girl and the hubs have been turned on after reading my blog for awhile. But most people? Nah, they don’t have one.

I see lots of people say they’re quitting or taking a break or whatnot. And usually, they come back. Some don’t.

I wonder if my blog will stay the same when I get to Houston. When the baby comes. When and if I ever get another job. What will change? Will the name? What I write? The frequency?

I think, if anything, what I have learned in this past month or so of blogging, is that oftentimes, especially if women are involved, its a lot like high school. Catty.

Then I repeat to myself this quote that I often muttered during high school.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. And here is a paraphrased one: Do not take to heart the opinions of people who you do not respect.

6 Responses to “Its a blog eat blog world”

  1. Linz
    May 30th, 2004 18:46

    I’ve never given that much thought to my blogging. I don’t advertise who I am, but I don’t bend over backwards to keep it secret either.

    I blog for me. I have a site meter, and I haven’t checked it in months. I don’t give a flying fuck who reads, who likes, who hates, who links.

    I’m not out to make my blog a “good blog”. I’m not out to entertain people. I don’t censor what I say in order to make the entries more reader-friendly. I started blogging to voice MY opinions. Why in the hell would I alter what I write to please other people? I’m not that obsessed - censorship takes the fun out of blogging.

    So why do I blog? It’s my way to say whatever the hell I want to say, and blogging is just a bit more fun than keeping a written journal. Some bloggers are just way too obsessed with seeking the approval of other bloggers - and it shows in their entries… I can smell it. And it smells rotten.

  2. Rhonda Elizabeth
    May 31st, 2004 11:05

    Blogging, like any other activity can become a compulsion if a person has a void in their life that they want to fill.

    I blog because I had a weekly column for years … I’m accustomed to being published … and when that component of my life changed, I found I could blog and still have my own “column” — even though readership is greatly diminished.

  3. Stacy
    June 1st, 2004 05:19

    I dunno … I’d have to say I’d have to agree with Linz for the most part. I never gave my own blogging that much thought, for the most part. I blog for fun, to get things off my chest. I do have a site meter but only recently have I checked it. I’ll admit that I do blog to connect for other people, also, though. Sometimes, I purposely make posts entertaining for readers on my site. I don’t see anything wrong with that, though. But I never lie or stretch the truth.

    I don’t have you blogrolled on my own site, but I still read you. I’ve only started reading you in the past couple months. You seemed like a tough enough chick that you wouldn’t take it personally that I didn’t have you blogrolled, and this entry only confirms that.

    Once again, another proof comes about to the saying, “Don’t mess with Texas.”

    I only wish that my state would have some cool kind of motto like that. “Michigan — Uh … Motown was here.”

  4. Julia
    June 1st, 2004 14:19

    I have personally been a little tentative about blogging, even though I have had a blog for over a year now. My schedule, and my life, don’t allow me to spend that much time on it. I blog entirely for myself and occasionally as a way to share something I feel is pretty cool, like baby bird or snake photos or some new discovery online. I don’t have lot of readers, but I read a lot of blogs. I guess I am still finding my voice. Rebecca Blood says, just blog, your voice will come through. Guess I’ll keep working on it. One of the issues I have had with trying to categorize my blog is that I have so many interests - I can’t imagine just blogging one topic all the time. So, my blog is a tapestry of thoughts that cycle randomly.

    I think the difference between bloggers and other casual internet users is that bloggers fully embrace internet culture more. I must admit that I am the biggest web enthusiast that I know. Even more than people I know who are programmers and developers and those who make money on the web. I spend so much time online for my work and leisure, and being a very social person, that when I discovered blogs, I realized that the internet did not have to be this big, cold, impersonal, de-humanizing technology that took me away from real personal interactions. Following and discovering blogs has led to some fabulous experiences for me because of the creative energy and the heroic acts of communication that go on every day via cyberspace. I can honestly say that I am more enriched emotionally and intellectually today because of the blog community than if I had never found them and only used the internet to buy shit on Ebay.

    I should spend some time getting my blogroll in better shape but I have never felt any pressure to link to any other blogger. I do check out other bloggers blogrolls sometimes, but never really thought much about the politics of it. Some are sooo long that it seems obvious they are trying to drive traffic to their site and I don’t really care for that tactic myself.

    All in all, I think blogging is going to make a very big impact on our culture, some people may never blog or even read a blog (is that possible) but they will be impacted nonetheless. How exiting to watch culture being born!

  5. Traci
    June 3rd, 2004 11:34

    I blog cuz its an outlet. I like to write, and it keeps me from killing the other half. And I love to share my hilarious stories, with people who like to laugh.

  6. Tuesday
    June 4th, 2004 15:24

    I jsut started to blog and I just wanted to tell you that I love your site & will be back!

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