Who is she??

So I was trying to find a place in Houston and saw a place on Craigslist that seemed okay. Basically, I emailed the person and asked for a little more info. That’s all I wanted.

Turns out that the chick is an apartment realtor or something. Oh shit.

The lady goes nuts and starts emailing me nonstop. Let’s meet Wednesday! Here’s some places! I want to meet Wednesday! We’ll meet here and I’ll drive you and we’ll do this and that and whatnot!

What? Wait. All I wanted was a little info about this one apartment.

She keeps emailing me.

HI! This is Jovena. Just checking to see if you guys are still coming down Wednesday. Please let me know. I want to block this time out for you to plan on showing you around. My service is free to you. I promise that you are in great hands. Take care. Jovena Please get back with me. Jovena

What is this, needy realtor month? I said I would BE IN TOWN WEDNESDAY. I never said “I want to meet you and go around with you on Wednesday.” Where did she get this shit?

Girl, you can block out this time all you want, but I can already tell how you’re going to be. Needy. In my face. I have enough on my plate, thank you very much. No, I’m not going to email her back. I feel like a guy. She needs to get the damn hint.


  1. LOL she definitely sounds needy! (not even an e-mail saying “Look Lady, I don’t have time, and don’t want to meet with you, OK?")

    *G* you’re way to busy for that.

    Comment by witchy — 5/27/2004 @ 12:36 pm

  2. What’s her name though?

    Comment by jhawk — 5/27/2004 @ 10:32 pm

  3. what kind of name is “jovena” anyway?

    Comment by Michele — 5/27/2004 @ 10:38 pm

  4. What area (if you aren’t opposed to sharing, of course) are you going to need to be moving to?

    I like East Houston, and that surprises everyone. East Houston is older… it’s surrounded by communities like Cloverleaf and Jacinto City, and it’s 5 minutes from Channelview… everyone thinks of it as old and run-down.

    BUT - East Houston has a fraction of the traffic. The commute into Houston to work is easier, and the commute home is easier. Most people are coming from West Houston - the west area of town is just way, way ,way too overpopulated now.

    East Houston is growing and becoming nicer… people just aren’t seeing the changes. They’ve expanded Normandy and built new luxury apartments there… they’re a little more expensive than the regular apartments, but still not near as much as you’d pay to live inside the loop (610).

    Which reminds me, regardless of what side of town you’re looking at, try to get something outside the 610 loop if at all possible.

    Comment by Linz — 5/28/2004 @ 1:23 pm

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