Math counts

Life by the Numbers.

Number of weeks I’ve been pregnant: 34
Number of weeks I vomited at the beginning of this pregnancy: 17
Number of hours of driving it takes to drive to Houston: 24
Number of items on today’s to do list, compliments of the hubs: 10
Number of things that will probably get done: 2
Number of times I have cried since the hormones kicked in: 2,765
Number of times I normally cry:285
Number of pounds I’ve gained in this pregnancy:22
Number of letters received by the Unemployment people about why they’re not giving me money:3
Number of babies currently being gestated in my family:3
Number that come from a married Mom and Dad:1

2 Responses to “Math counts”

  1. brian mercat
    May 26th, 2004 12:23

    number of hours you’ve spent getting stuff ready to move: 2
    number of hours your husband has spent: 1 billion

  2. rules of backgammon
    April 4th, 2005 22:02

    rules of backgammon
    Man was made for action, and to promote by the exertion of his faculties such changes in the external circumstances both of himself and others, as may seem most favourable to the happiness of all. by

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