The Great Job Search 2004

Okay, so yesterday I was flipping through TV channels when I came across that dumb ali and jack living it up tv show. Stupid show. But anyway, they had a thing on people trying to find new careers.

And, you know, since I’m not exactly keen on going back to a newspaper, I think it’s time I find myself a new career.*

*By the way, last night I had a dream I saw a lady taking pictures of burritos and I wanted that job and she said no.

So, here’s what this lady on the talking box said for me to do:

1. Examine what you hate. Oh good grief. This will take all day. Okay. I hate sitting at a desk in a cubicle for 8 hours a day. I hate waiting for people to call me back. I hate having to dress approperiate and having to be fake nice. I doing the same damn thing every day. I hate math and science. I hate “breakrooms.”

2. Concentrate on what you can’t do. Okay. Math. Science. Anything logical. Sitting still for long periods of time. Working on weekends and at night. Anything where I can’t have an opinion or a sense of humor.

3. Don’t look at what you’ve done. Look at who you’ve been. WTF? I’ve been a writer. A lifeguard. A candy scooper and a shoe salesperson. I camp counselor. a reporter. A flower arranger. You know what? I kind of miss being a candy scooper. Yeah, I gained weight. But it was kind of fun. And I like candy.

4. Recapture old dreams: When I was little, I wanted to be a meterologist. I hate math and science. I also wanted to be a stripper, a farmer and a cake baker.

Okay. Basically I have no goals and aspirations and it seems as if I need to spend lots of time making cakes and eating candy. Any ideas?

3 Responses to “The Great Job Search 2004”

  1. Jen
    May 7th, 2004 16:34

    I worked in a candy store for a while in high school. I loved me some freshly made fudge.

  2. robin
    May 7th, 2004 21:00

    I’ve said it (and I’ve heard it repeated by many others) that if I were independently weathly (i.e., if I were to hit the lottery tomorrow and never, ever had to worry about money again), I wouldn’t have a career - unless World Traveller, Tanned Goddess, Marathon Mama, or Crafting Queen qualify as job titles. I would sit on my ass with intermitten breaks to travel, lie by the pool, run, knit, sew and maybe pick up a few other crafts.

    Unfortunately, although I’ve figured out what I “want to be when I grow up” (see above), it doesn’t pay what I’d hoped….

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