This is the show that never ends….

Yeah, so I watched that TV show that ended last night. I just want to say thanks to NBC for calling it a 2-hour special but the first hour was just recaps I could see on any other freaking rerun every day. But thanks, because that meant I could watch Survivor.

The fun part of watching the show that ended last night was the fact that I could guess what was happening BEFORE it happened! Such as “The duck is about to crap in Chandler’s hand.” Then it did. “Rachel will show up at Ross’ door.” Then she did.

I think I impress the hubs with the ability to say what is about to happen on a lot of shows/movies like this. It’s a gift. A gift, I tell you!

How did I already know that Chandler and Monica were having twins? I knew that so I was a little confused when at first they were like “it’s one baby.” I’m like no….there are TWO.

But, whatever. I’m just happy all the damn “goodbye” interviews are done. Go home and count your money, people. Oh, and by the way, Courtney Cox was already looking a little chubby. Putting her in those baggy clothes wasn’t helping anything.

Ten years and you spend the entire final episode looking like shit. Way to go out with a bang, girl.

Afterthought: So glad Phoebe and Joey didn’t have any plot lines that tied up what was going on with them. Well Phoebe had that stupid husband guy, but he’s kinda just like that damn baby. A plot line that they weren’t sure how to kill off in a smooth fashion. They had ten damn years to actually come up with a plot for Phoebe and still couldn’t do it in an hour final episode.

8 Responses to “This is the show that never ends….”

  1. Kelly
    May 7th, 2004 10:55

    I noticed Monica’s chub too. You’re right, they shouldn’t even have tried. Anyone who watches that show knows she’s pregnant anyhow, who would it be fooling?

  2. Auty
    May 7th, 2004 11:45

    Never watched the show, but I started watching The Final Episode with my mother-in-law. Then 15 minutes before the ending, I said “Ok! Let’s all go downstairs and play something else!”


    *devil horns*

  3. ands
    May 7th, 2004 12:10

    um yeah I did watch it…but I don’t normally so I’m a bit confused about what happen to Rachel’s baby?…did it die? Did something funny happen to it that they all laughed about….and laughed…and laughed…and laughed?..really I think I need to know this.

  4. CinS
    May 7th, 2004 13:21

    I LOVED it! I can’t help it. I am a “Friends” dork.

  5. Prestbury
    May 7th, 2004 14:34


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  6. shannon
    May 8th, 2004 01:48

    Courteney Cox isn’t fat. She’s pregnant.

  7. The Sarcastic Former Journalist
    May 8th, 2004 12:09

    holy shit! So that’s whats wrong with her! Geez, PERHAPS THATS THE SAME THING THATS BEEN WRONG WITH ME FOR 31 WEEKS!

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