Daily happenings

Okay, I know that it looks like I’m watching ALL this TV. But, really, I hardly ever sit during the day and watch the TV. I keep it on for company. Not to mention, we don’t have cable so the quality of shows I get to choose from is slim pickens.

I get to play this fun game called “Agent Query Letter.” First I have a nice long list of literary agents. This is a list of notes I’ve compiled for months and months and months. Sometimes I’ve only written down the names, sometimes it is names and agencies.

So I have to look online. Here are two of the main places I check:

So I cross check and see if these people are “bad” agents. If they aren’t, then I find out what they want to see from me. It can be anything from a letter (that’s standard) to synopsis, first 50 pages, first 3 chapters, first page, first 10 pages plus the blood of your firstborn child…

Then you see if they want the letter via email or regular mail. Then you print all the crap out and then address the envelope, always including a SASE so they can say “Thanks but no thanks.”

Then I file it into my Excel program and go “geez, that’s a whole lotta rejections I got going there.”

Then I start onto the next agent. Combine that with job searches for both me and the hubs (who is a science genius, by the way) and that’s a lot of researching.

So, next time I talk about watching TV, I’m probably not just watching TV. Just had to get that off my chest.

3 Responses to “Daily happenings”

  1. Brent
    May 5th, 2004 19:40

    Ok, I’ll buy that you keep it on but you never have time to watch. But “…for the neighbors.”? That’s like a friend of mine who said he keeps whiskey around in case “the neighbors drop in”. Those neighbors sure dropped in and drank a lot!!!! heehee

  2. David
    May 6th, 2004 14:41

    I loooove rejection letters…. I have been trying to get some work as an illustrator for a couple of years now and all I’ve seen are rejection letters… At first it was painful but now…. I just find them humorous…. After being told you are crap a few times the dramatic effect wears off… I just look for any insights they might have an move on…

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    April 4th, 2005 21:58

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