Sleepy sleepicus

It’s so good to know that my two years into the working force hasn’t ruined my original sleeping habits. Up till two weeks ago, I would be tired by 10 or 11 at night and then wake up around 8. Yeah, I was tired, but I was in a pattern.

Forget that now. I sat in bed for 2 hours last night, typing and reading. I KNEW I didn’t want to sleep till noon again so I started waking up every damn 20 minutes starting at 930am. But I was so tired that all I could do was look at the clock and roll over.

It is like I’ve been transformed back to my college sleeping patterns. It seems absolutely impossible to get up anymore. And yes, I know that in a couple of weeks, I won’t be getting any sleep. Leave me any little notes like that to scare the crap out of me and I’ll hunt you down and make you listen to William Hung (that dorky American Idol guy) over and over and over.

I want nothing of it!

The problem is that the hubs still has to go to work. And we like to go to bed together. Besides, I sit on the couch all day long (another reason why I stay up so late. Perhaps I should get up?) so I’d rather snuggle next to him. He goes to bed at a normal time. Then of course, I start talking to him. He listens for a few minutes and then asks why I must ask him these questions right before bedtime.

Hello! It’s because I just remembered everything I need to say before you go to sleep and then I’m alone!

I guess it’s time to start popping Unisom again.

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