Fleeting fame

Here’s a little tidbit you don’t know about me: You remember The Menendez Brothers? You know, the ones who killed their parents and it was a big media sensation?

Well, the Dad (who died) had a brother. And I stayed at his house in California. You see, my friend was a member of their family and we all went to San Diego and stayed at this house. These people had money. They lived next door to a professional football player.

And their last name was Menendez and we’d go out and I’d see the Aunt sign her name and it was Menendez and I wanted nothing more than to yell “Don’t you realize who this woman is? She’s a Menendez! Their family is famous!”

But I didn’t. I just walked around with the knowledge that I was hanging with people whose family was the subject of intense media scrutiny.

And I secretly felt cool. Why? Because my family is all white trash and we don’t have lots of money and media scrutiny and sensationalism and court cases.

And then we came back to Texas and my friend showed me a video of 20/20 (the television show) and lookey there! There was her uncle! On TV! He was walking! On TV! And I had hung out at his house and drank apple juice in his kitchen and spoke Spanglish to his family!

And when we were on that vacation, we went to La Jolla and went to the beach. And what did we see there? A sign that told me that I couldn’t “molest the seals.”

And you know what? I didn’t. And I didn’t molest the Menendez family, either.

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