Swollen egos

I have an announcement to make, Internet. I am officially one size bigger than I was pre-pregnancy. One size! That’s it!

We went out this weekend and I bought some clothes! Why? Because those blue shorts I wear all the time (and have on right now) have to go.

We went to Anthropologie, which happens to be my FAVORITE store, probably because I can’t afford ANYTHING in there. The Sister held The Baby and I browsed through the sale rack because that’s all I can afford!

And know what I found in there? Know? I found the reason I initially walked into Anthropologie back in July. I found the sailboat skirt.

THE SAILBOAT SKIRT, PEOPLE! I may not have enough money to go on a sailboat, but hell, I can wear one on my clothes.

It is a skirt and it looks all 50-ish and it has a sailboat scene on it. Originally $88, knocked down to $19. For me! Just for me!

Also purchased: A pair of low-rise bootcut jeans from The Gap. Pink sweater with funky buttons from The Gap. Hoodie from the Gap to replace the old one I’ve had for 5 years now that had holes in it. Courdory jeans from Old Navy. (I had a GAP giftcard. I can’t spend THAT much money, people!)

Okay. That’s enough of this babble. Almost as bad as telling you what I had for breakfast, but, too freaking bad. I NEVER go shopping and buy clothes so I am just pumped. Now if my boobies would go back to their predetermined size, ahh, all things would be good.

Oh, quick funny story. My sister went into Victoria’s Secret to buy a bra. I used to think she had big boobs but it turns out they’re like a 36C, which is kinda normal. Mine before pregnancy? 34DD.

Good grief. But now that they’re an E — yes, you read that right– she points out how big and “swollen” they are. And she’s had a kid, she knows. I’m even borrowing her breast pump. But she goes to the undie store and she’s talking to the saleslady.

So, after I was tired of holding up lingere for Ellie to look at, I yell out that “She is looking for something crotchless.”

We left promptly afterward.

14 Responses to “Swollen egos”

  1. Ms. Pants
    October 4th, 2004 18:57

    Just a question: do you like WP?

  2. Stacey
    October 4th, 2004 19:22

    I went from a size 2 to a size 10.


  3. Jen
    October 4th, 2004 19:44

    I’m back to my pre-pregnancy-with-Ryan size. I fear I’ll never see my pre-pregnancy-with-Lauren size ever again.

  4. Texas T-bone
    October 4th, 2004 21:05

    I still haven’t lost all the baby weight. But because my wife was the one who have birth, I’m running out of excuses. :-(

  5. Julia
    October 4th, 2004 21:42

    Nice haul! I never get to shop anymore. Yes, tell us, how do you like WP? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. beth
    October 4th, 2004 22:31

    yay ya got to buy your self clothes! happy your down to a good size that ya like:) i never get to buy things so ill just liev through your happiness lol:P

  7. yvonne
    October 5th, 2004 01:11

    screw you and you’re “i’m ONLY one size bigger” OK!!!!???? Kidding. I’m not bitter because I’m like, oh, let’s say, “Lots” of sizes bigger. NOT AT ALL. ;-)

  8. Mari
    October 5th, 2004 02:19

    You deserve to go shopping, and damnitall, you deserve that cool as hell sailboat skirt! Good for you!

  9. Robotnik
    October 5th, 2004 04:19

    I have nothing to say.

  10. Lauren
    October 5th, 2004 05:51

    YEAH!! What Yvonne said!!

    Bitch *wink*

  11. Arianne
    October 5th, 2004 08:35

    Wow good job! I am pre-Jamie size already but it will be a while to get to pre-Charlie size or even pre-moving-to-California-and-being-depressed-size. Those clothes are adorable by the way. When I go into Anthropologie I feel my heart race with glee and want to re-decorate my whole house immediately. Their displays are so creative they intimidate me with their cleverness.

    Of course I can’t afford anything there at full price either. I once got a $20 gift card and could only get earrings.

  12. martha
    October 5th, 2004 15:22

    yay for new clothes - they really change everything when they’re the right clothes for the right price.

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