Those Red Sox fans are um…very loyal to their team.

11 Responses to “Ewwww”

  1. Robotnik
    October 22nd, 2004 12:56

    On feckin’ Craigslist, too.
    Fabulous find!
    I should put it on MY blog too.
    It’s such a gem

  2. Jenny
    October 22nd, 2004 13:07

    My goddamned husband…I’m gonna kill him….

  3. Pink Lotus
    October 22nd, 2004 13:56

    In my house, sports is usually on, but someone needs to tell that guy that IT’S A GAME. He’s willing to screw up his marriage for a game? Insane.

  4. Robotnik
    October 22nd, 2004 13:58

    Pinky…it’s about breaking the Curse of the Bambino, baby!
    They will do anything.

  5. Seuss
    October 22nd, 2004 14:02

    Crap, they’ve taken it down! What did it say??

  6. Sarcastic journalist
    October 22nd, 2004 14:25

    Since the link is down, some guy was willing to let someone screw his wife for tickets to the World Series. Yeah, nice.

  7. Jenny
    October 22nd, 2004 14:50

    She must know. Right?!?!?!

  8. Yaaarr, tis me blog!
    October 22nd, 2004 16:03

    Dedicated fan
    This Red Sox fan REALLY wants some World Series tickets. I have nothing to add. I ripped this link straight off the Sarcastic Journalist’s site….

  9. martha
    October 23rd, 2004 08:10

    maybe he doesn’t have a wife and is planning to pay someone else to do it?

  10. Heatheranne
    October 23rd, 2004 20:43

    My husband read somewhere that some girl was saying that if she could get 2 tickets, she’d pay by giving the best blow job ever.

    Um…For the amount of money those tickets are worth, you could go to Vegas and get 5 women to give you blow jobs, sex, lesbian sex and anything else you wanted. I think she’s just a little full of herself!

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