Roger that, Roger.

Now, for a reprieve from all of the juvenile drama, I will tell you about my next project. My husband has repeatedly told me I need to write a book about my life. Not because I’m so special or famous or even because I’ve led a very interesting life.

It’s just that, well, if you think I’m bad now, you shoulda seen me as a kid. So, here are a few of my chapters with preliminary titles. I’m not going to tell you what they are about, but well, you should get the idea.

1. A girl and her reincarnated dog.
2. Wreaking havoc in a small town.
3. My father, who works in a fun(eral) home.
4. The mother of the year story and the impending doom it caused…
5. The girl they called “dreadlocks.”
6. Sheban and Shamona
7. Wise beyond her years: How I managed to write get out of school notes, drive illegally and avoid the cops.
8. The little red book that has my name all over it.

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