Life can’t get any more boring…

This is the face of someone who can’t take her shower because the baby is asleep.*

*I can’t take the shower because THEN she will wake up and cry real tears and my child-free time will be ended AND I’ll have to run around naked and wet to try and calm her down. So I must wait until she is awake and satisfied and back down for another nap before I do my daily duty.

12 Responses to “Life can’t get any more boring…”

  1. Robotnik
    October 20th, 2004 12:44

    Keep holding on for dear life.
    You look fabulous, even though your insides are at war.

  2. cate
    October 20th, 2004 13:14

    it gets easier - i promise… sure, it takes a little (okay, a lot of) time… my kid’s 5 now and he’s so much fun - he can even do chores, just easy stuff like putting away silverware, or refilling mommy’s gin… kidding, i swear, don’t call cps on me… i just wanted to say that i liked your writing, i appreciate sarasm more than words can express…

  3. Auty
    October 20th, 2004 13:53

    You have the loveliest eyebrows.

  4. Robotnik
    October 20th, 2004 13:54

    Oh HOW SWEET! By age 5 they can refill gin?
    I’m so in baby, I can’t wait–4 years, 6 months, and 25 more days.

  5. Robotnik
    October 20th, 2004 13:55

    damn…that’s 4 yrs. 8 months and 25 more days.
    ah well…what’s a couple here and there.

  6. Curly Girl
    October 20th, 2004 14:37

    you do have great eyebrows. and you look gorgeous mama. hang in there.

  7. Ali
    October 20th, 2004 15:24

    You want to come do my eyebrows?
    Hang in there SJ. You can do it!

  8. frozenmojo
    October 20th, 2004 16:42

    do you think that if i bring the baby into the bathroom while i’m showering from day one, that she’ll get used to the sound and just sleep away?? this is crucial, mind you! i’m very big on showering!! i love to take, looooooong, hot showers every night…ahhhhhh!

    oh! who am i kidding?? i’m so screwed!

  9. Robotnik
    October 20th, 2004 18:57

    Frozenmojo…forget about doing ANYTHING a looooooooooong time when the baby comes.

  10. Antonia
    October 21st, 2004 11:48

    Who needs showers? What you really need is time sprawled on the couch enjoying baby-free time. Taking a shower makes time go by fast, and what you want to be doing is prolonging it ….

  11. Sarcomical
    October 22nd, 2004 10:21

    well you look very cute whilst waiting for the shower. ;)

    however, it seems as if you could be doing something more fun, like…i dont’ know…eating whatever you want without having to stand up, or take a nap until she cries and wakes you up. oooh, naps. doesn’t that sound good? do you have dvr? watch a movie!

    i just hate to see you so bored. ;)

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