Not in your wildest dream…

I’m going to have to devote a whole new category to Oprah if things keep going the way they do.

I found this story over at theCelebrity Babies Blog who I think found it from the Chicago Sun Times.

Oprah managed to piss off a bunch of women pregnant with twins who were specially invited to be in the studio audience of the taping of Julia Roberts show. Thirty-seven pregnant women (25 of which were expecting twins) were invited to supposedly be more favorable towards the pregnant with twins Julia but they expected the show to be more focused on high-risk pregnancies, or at least pregnancy in general.

One of the expectant mothers, Christina Lopez-Strother, complained, “We got nothing. I had to pay $8 for parking, $2.05 a gallon for gas and $10 for lunch, and it was a total waste of my time. Julia Roberts is a millionaire. She doesn’t have a problem with buying diapers. We thought there was a possibility that we would have gotten something because we were asked to come there.”

Prior to the taping, the women were asked to attend a screening of Julia’s upcoming film, “Closer,” but were very disappointed that “the Julia Roberts movie had nothing to do with twins. At the taping she came out with Oprah and they talked for 5 or 6 minutes (about Roberts’ pregnancy). They put a bunch of pregnant women in the audience for that?”

Said a Harpo Products spokesperson, “Oftentimes, we fill the audience with people who can relate to a given topic. Sometimes, there is an after-show and an opportunity for audience members to interact with Oprah and her guests. That was the intention when we invited them to the taping. Sometimes the timing does not allow for that.”

As this Chicago Sun-Times columist suggests, the women were probably expecting to get some good stuff but they didn’t even get the special consideration that pregnant women should get such as water.

After all, what happened to her is a lot like thinking you’re holding a big
winning lottery ticket and being told someone picked the wrong lottery ball.
Since Oprah herself proclaimed that she would be granting her viewers’ wildest
dreams this season, these pregnant women had to expect that Oprah was going to
lavish them with goodies… After the car giveaway, every member of her studio audience is going to show up looking for more than a closeup of her celebrity guests, and the thrill of telling friends about the experience of being in Oprah’s presence.

Okay I get it that Oprah asked these women to come to her audience. I get it. Even though they are pregnant with twins and Julia Roberts is pregnant with twins and they have something “in common,” I find it stupid. Plain out stupid.

But I find it amusing how the women expected to get something out of it. Perhaps it was because Oprah surprised those Army women, or perhaps it is because it is “Your wildest dreams” season. These women didn’t get anything and they were pissed.

How much do you want to bet that they practiced their “I’m so happy!” faces in the mirror? Who practiced rubbing their bellies and fanning away tears? Probably more than one.

Yeah, I understand that you would expect something. I probably would, too. But here’s a good tip that has helped me through life: Expect the worse and then be pleasantly surprised.

Perhaps Oprah thought that it was these women’s “wildest dreams” to see Julia Roberts in person? Ha.

9 Responses to “Not in your wildest dream…”

  1. Robotnik
    October 18th, 2004 13:15

    “You’ll get nothing and LIKE it”
    –Judge Elihu Smalls, “Caddyshack”

  2. Sarcastic journalist
    October 18th, 2004 13:18

    I’ve pretty much heard that comment about Christmas from certain family members….

  3. Ms. Pants
    October 18th, 2004 16:14

    Dude. I can’t even believe that!! “We got nothing!!” Um. You got to go to an Oprah taping, you ungrateful bitch. Maybe if your priorities were straight, you wouldn’t have thought you were entitled to shit simply because Oprah’s minions pulled your preggo name out of a preggo hat. Get stuffed.

  4. Cindy
    October 18th, 2004 19:28

    Those women make me sick. They have this sense of entitlement. The world owes you NOTHING, honey! Don’t get all pissy pants just because you weren’t GIVEN something for free!

  5. frozenmojo
    October 18th, 2004 20:06

    ah yes! the double-edged sword of publicity stunts! after that car giveaway fanfare, oprah’s set a pretty high standard for her shows, but i agree - these women who are all hurt that they got nothing for their “troubles” are a bunch of spoilt brats and cry-babies.

  6. frozenmojo
    October 18th, 2004 20:06

    ah yes! the double-edged sword of publicity stunts! after that car giveaway fanfare, oprah’s set a pretty high standard for her shows, but i agree - these women who are all hurt that they got nothing for their “troubles” are a bunch of spoilt brats and cry-babies.

  7. Rbelle
    October 18th, 2004 22:53

    So many people walk through the world thinking they are “owed” something. Trust me, they come in my office quite often. It’s sad actually, and I know that when I explain why they don’t need to sue they are walking out and finding some other lawyer. That lawyer gives the rest of us a bad name! Damn him! (or her!)

  8. Antonia
    October 19th, 2004 00:39

    OK, you’re dissapointed Oprah didn’t give you free shit. But don’t fucking publicly admit it! Hide it in that deep corner of your soul with all the other embarrasing secrets you will deny even from God on Judgement Day. $2.05 for gas, eh? That’s worth bitching about. Where’s your shame, woman?

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