Will my vacation start now, please?

You know what? I donít think I can ever get over the stupidity of the people I work with. So yeah, we had Secret Santas this week. Actually, I guess they did, because I never heard anything about it. At all. Not one single word until people start going ďAre you my secret Santa SJ?Ē

Fuck no. I wasnít even invited to join in on the festivities.

So, I just deal and ignore these people and am happy to know I didnít have to play along and spend money on someone I donít like, anyway. I really think the whole idea is pretty stupid.
But today I guess they had ďSecret SantaĒ lunch. Basically everyone in the newsroom went. But me. Didnít get invited to the lunch, didnít know Secret Santas existed, remember? But then they just keep talking about it. I am going to shoot someone.
Didnít these peopleís mammas teach them any manners? If youíre not going to invite everyone to play, then you shouldnít be running around talking about it loudly. Geesh.


  1. Well- that’s just fucking rude. Jerks.

    Comment by Kate — 12/19/2003 @ 4:42 pm

  2. You work with some real clarns. Move back to Texas already! If only you’d consider staying in journalism, there might be an opening at my paper. Let me tell ya, it’s been great so far. :-)

    Comment by Texas T-Bone — 12/19/2003 @ 9:26 pm

  3. backgammon
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