Spreading holiday cheer

You know, I have “secret” ways of causing malintent in my office. Like, just now I turned in a little Christmas present to myself. My expense account. $168.13, please.

Also, when people come in to interview for jobs, i try to give them “Don’t do it!” looks. If people (interns) ask me (which some have, though I think the corner office dwellers try to keep people away from me) I’ll tell them the truth. “This place sucks. Go somewhere else if you can but if you must stay here, at least have fun with it.”

3 Responses to “Spreading holiday cheer”

  1. jhawk
    December 19th, 2003 18:08

    Internal subterfuge is always a great pastime. Clandestine operations into the demise of the workday lives of coworkers sometimes is all that keeps me sane. :-)

  2. jhawk
    December 19th, 2003 18:11

    Damn. Whenever I comment here, I feel I must use large words. Then I worry about whether I used them correctly.

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