How stupid can they be?

I’m watching MTV’s Rich Girls right now. I have NEVER ever seen such dumb people. Wait, the people who are all that dumb are ALL RICH. Shall we go over the idioticness I’m seeing?

(in Whole Foods)
“What kind of beans do you put in Mexican food?”
“I’m making nachos. what kind of cheese? What else goes in nachos?”
“I need someone to recommend me some rice.”

(at home, looking in full fridge in kitchen that’s bigger than my hold downstairs.)
“We have absolutely no food here. I need to be independent. I am going to make burritos. I dont know how to do that.”

(at home, crying on phone to dad while surrounded by oodles of toys and fun stuff from childhood)
“Do you understand how many of my therapists have told me that i didnt have a childhood? That i completely missed my adolescense and now I’m totally messed up!”

Um, she would have HATED my childhood. No swing set. Just the one down the street at the park. When my bike got stolen, I didn’t get a new one. No pool. Just the crappy city pool everyone went to. You know what? I turned out perfectly fine. I had just my normal toys and normal life and things are OKAY WITH ME.

Geesh. These little rich people need to learn to do something for themselves.


  1. that shows makes me GLAD i’m not a rich spoiled rotten little twat….well, until i go shopping, that is. ;-)

    Comment by jen — 12/18/2003 @ 9:33 pm

  2. I would be *so* much better at being rich.

    Comment by Melissa — 12/19/2003 @ 4:48 pm

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