Do they really think they’re cool?

People who won’t be getting laid any time soon:

5 Responses to “Do they really think they’re cool?”

  1. judi
    December 18th, 2003 12:51

    I was unawares that they had a Micky D’s in Mordor.

  2. Melissa
    December 18th, 2003 14:36

    I don’t know…I’m guessing they are mutually attracted to each other.

  3. James
    December 18th, 2003 15:02

    I have a co-worker who dressed exactly that way for the premiere. Can you believe he willingly told me that he would be doing this? Hahahah, I wish you could’ve heard some of the barbs I threw his way. I really could’ve used a partner. You would’ve been perfect!!

  4. Kate
    December 18th, 2003 15:02

    Heheheheh - riiiight.

  5. Allison
    December 18th, 2003 15:10

    Hmmm…I’d do him. In. A. Heartbeat. LOL

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