A rose by any other name still has thorns…

I gotta tell you. I absolutely love discussing baby names. Love it. Love. It.

Since I honestly deep down at the bottom of my heart think that I’m having a girl, I’m concentrating on girl names for the fetus. I think we’ve narrowed it down to two names. One of them is sorta popular–which makes me worried to use it. The other isn’t popular at all, but is so adorable and cute you just can’t help but love it.

You see, our last name has 3 syllables. Basically, it is similar to the name Whitaker, but that’s not it. So we’ve gotta come up with a name that sounds good with the last name.

I’ll tell you the sorta popular name. Isabella. Love this name. Isn’t it cute? But is something like Isabella Whitaker too much? Too many syllables?

What were you going to name your kids? What name didn’t win out? Let’s hear it! And if you haven’t spawned any offspring, what names you do like? Let’s get this damn blog hopping again!

14 Responses to “A rose by any other name still has thorns…”

  1. judi
    December 16th, 2003 11:16

    My sons names:
    Ethan Andrew Charles Leonard
    Edward Charles Grant Garber

    My soon to be twin girls:
    Caroline Elizabeth Garber
    Charlotte Emily Garber

    My full name after I marry next spring:
    Judith Carol VanValkinburgh-Garber

    It’s a PITA to fill out forms, but we believe in LONG names in our household ;)

    I love Isabella~but be warned, everyone will be calling her Izzy for short. It’s inevitable.

  2. jhawk
    December 16th, 2003 11:36

    Just don’t use any of those weird names like Dakota. It’s in the parents own vanity that they pick those names so people can tell them how cool the baby’s name is. Then the kid gets called North Dakota all through school. Follow Judi’s advice, think of the schoolyard.

  3. Curly Girl
    December 16th, 2003 12:33

    one of my coworkers just told me her niece’s name. olivia. very cute.
    cam. (short for cameron for a boy )
    I am going to name my daughter sophie. that is if i have one….
    fiona is cute too.

  4. Allison
    December 16th, 2003 12:45

    I love the name Isabella! I know your last name and I think it sounds fine with it. I also like Isabelle (or Isabel) which also sounds good with your last name.

    Abby (Abigail Paige) was going to be Annabelle Claire but my entire family hated it. Then we have Caroline Grace, Jacob Taylor, and Madeline Rose (Maddie).

    I also love the name Noelle. Jacob was going to be Sara Noelle is he had’ve been a girl because he is a December baby.

  5. Darla
    December 16th, 2003 13:47

    Our daughter’s name is Campbell Lenna.

    The other girl name we had picked was Asheton Lenna.

    We have a very common last name, so wanted something not so common for a first name.

    I think Isabella is a beautiful name, and is fine with a longer last name.

  6. James
    December 16th, 2003 14:24

    For a boy: Jake (that’s a man’s name!! LOL)
    For a girl: Alexandria (I’ve always loved that name for a girl. I’d call her Alex) or Gertrude . . . . . . . . . . kidding!!!

  7. Melissa
    December 16th, 2003 15:12

    The biggest regret…well, one of the biggest regrets of my life…is that I didn’t name my daughter Frances. When I was pregnant…I thought it was just too ‘wierd’….I had loved the name Madison for quite some time….and SO DID EVERYONE ELSE!

    I had hoped I would have another girl at some point and I could name her Frances…but no luck…we decided two kids was more than enough.

    So, it is now my personal mission to encourage people to name their unborn children Frances.

    Isabella is also nice, and I don’t think it’s too many syllables. I have a neice name Isabella…always thought it was the sweetest name.

    What is the other name you’re thinking of…the not popular one?

  8. Tanya
    December 16th, 2003 17:11

    I have three girls:

    Lyrica Rowan
    Ariana Feyth
    Faerin Elisabeth

    We may have another sometime in the future. If it’s another girl, I’m partial to the name Elowen (although I’m not sure on the spelling yet). For a boy, I think we will hang on to the pick from the last time.. Finnegan Cole

    I think Isabella is beautiful. If you’re concerned about her being called Izzy, you could always head that off and call her Bella :)

  9. Alisha
    December 16th, 2003 17:38

    Well, people may shorten Isabella to Isa, or Bella. (I know this because I call my cousin Bella), but its definally not a bad name, and it goes good with longer last names. Just make sure you get it spelt right, cause you know how many ways there are to spell Alisha…tons…

  10. Cyndi
    December 16th, 2003 18:14

    Isabella can also get shortened to Belle (with or without the e at the end.) Considering the playground set will see lots of Disney stuff being nick-named after the beauty in Beauty and the Beast isn’t all bad…

  11. Kim
    December 16th, 2003 21:00

    DD #1 is Alexa Shaye
    this one……is still a toss up between Piper and Tessa with no middle name yet (I could use some help there! LOL)

    Boys names, if #1 had been a boy he would have been Alec Matthew. If the ultrasounds have been decieved this time, Eric Matthew

  12. Stacey
    January 17th, 2004 20:50

    If we have a boy it will be named:

    Aidan Kingsley

    If it’s a girl:



    Avery (haven’t picked girls middle names)

  13. Jessica
    February 24th, 2004 19:42

    I love the name Isabella. Elisabeth and Rowan are good names, too. I know a couple who named their daughter Lauren Sophia. Good luck!!

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