Unwanted advice:

Quick multitasking tip:

If your husband accidentally breaks/spills his deodorant on the toilet seat, leave it. That way, every time you sit down to go potty, you get a little extra clean.

4 Responses to “Unwanted advice:”

  1. Robotnik
    October 15th, 2004 21:00

    I don’t think THAT’ll happen for a while; In my 36 years on this planet, I’ve never spilled/broken deodorant ON THE TOILET SEAT.

    You know what the odds are?

    Just rub some on your arse to be safe.

  2. Norman
    October 16th, 2004 19:35

    Not that I’ve spilled deodorant on my toilet seat, but I’m thinking it doesn’t clean so much as it keeps you from sweating and smelling dirty. But hey, if that’s what’s needed….

  3. Robotnik
    October 17th, 2004 09:52

    Deodorant only cleans Europeans.

  4. Very Mom
    October 17th, 2004 14:44

    Now THAT is my kind of housecleaning. And undercarriage deoderizing. I think you should submit this tip to you know, Woman’s Day or something.

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