ho ho ho

Today I had to go to the mall and find people to talk to. I hate having to do this. I�m supposed to ask people about what they leave out for Christmas so I go to see the people standing in line for Santa. All people with babies. So, I start walking through the mall, looking for potential victims. I feel like a child molester.

You see, I�m not very intimidating looking, but still, I feel retarded doing this. I�m all like �Hey, please talk to me so I can hurry up and go home.� Seriously, I�ve used that excuse. If they say �no,� I explain how I�m going to have to be there all afternoon until someone will just tell me what damn food they leave out for santa.
Then, while I�m looking, it crosses my mind that not everyone celebrates Christmas. So, I�m trying to keep an eye out, looking for the stereotypical Jewish woman (easy to tell around here by the way.) and hopefully maybe knowing just who is a Jehovah�s Witness.
I only interview 2 people. But I did take a two-hour nap before I went out there. So the afternoon isn�t entirely ruined!

2 Responses to “ho ho ho”

  1. Allison
    December 12th, 2003 16:06

    And I would have been one of those people dodging you if you tried to talk to me in the mall. lol

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