Working from home sounds good to me.

How to know that you don’t give a rats ass about your job:

You’re driving behind someone who you kind of recognize (how could you not? He has a mullet) by his nasty hairstyle and his driving sucks. So, even though you’re pretty sure it’s a co-worker, you zoom around him because he’s annoying you.

When you answer your phone, you sound like you’d rather be digging plots in a cemetery.

You’re happy when people are too busy to you because it means you don’t have to pretend to enjoy your job.

You want to go over to your loud talking co-worker and bang him on the head with his phone.

When someone makes a comment like “Oh I was told you couldn’t be a judge in a dessert contest because you don’t like apples” say “What the fuck are you talking about? I don’t like seafood. Not apples.”

Walk into a room after said dessert contest, point at a dish and say “Don’t eat that. It tastes like ass” and walk out.

You get so annoyed with PR people emailing you, you start replying, telling them that you don’t care what they’re pushing, it’s not making it into your story.

You wake up late and get to work even later and really don’t care.

You come up with nasty nicknames for all your coworkers.


  1. whadda know? i hate my job!

    Comment by smg — 12/14/2003 @ 3:16 am

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