Put him out of his misery, please.

I really can’t stand my “boss,” fumblenuts.

He was gone yesterday and all of his morning phone calls have sounded like this:
“Hi Carl, this is fumblenuts. Sorry I was gone but I’m allowed to take a vacation every once in awhile.”

He then asks us about the stupid weekly meetings that we are supposed to have but never actually do. The two of us here say we weren’t at it. So he goes “So, did Boss Man go over the assignments that I had on my list?” No retard. We weren’t there. We don’t know WHAT went on. So Boss Man comes in and Fumblenuts says “Did you go over the assignments on my list?” and Boss Man explains that nobody was there so he didn’t. Then Fumblenuts gets all confused and starts muttering. I wish a disgruntled worker would come in here and go postal on his ass.


  1. If you put fumblenuts in a room with most of my previous supervisors, they could have a Fumblenuts Convention. And nobody would miss them while they were there.

    Comment by Texas T-Bone — 12/9/2003 @ 12:39 pm

  2. vintage backgammon
    Destroying species is like tearing pages out of an unread book, written in a language humans hardly know how to read, about the place where they live. by

    Trackback by vintage backgammon — 4/4/2005 @ 9:14 pm

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