Guys don’t like funny girls

In case you haven’t noticed, I usually don’t post on weekends. Why? Because I spend my entire workday at a computer and just feel like I should TRY to have some sort of a life on the weekends. But, it’s 130am, and I’m watching the Justice League cartoon with my husband and his friend. And they’re really into it. Really really into it.

So I guess my life isn’t that exciting. Chris, the friend, invited a girl along with us tonight for our out to eat adventure. He hadn’t met her, saw her online at yahoo personals. She had to talk to me on the phone so I’d convince her that he wouldn’t try to touch her boobies.

Turns out she’s Canadian and doesn’t believe in the death penalty. And she shops at Whole Foods. Well, she’s hanging out with three staunch republicans who are very pro-death penalty and my husband clones things for a living. And we avoid Whole Foods and their propaganda like the plague. But, we’re not going into political ideology on here. That’s not my style.

She was cool though, I don’t know if we scared her off. I think that our views just shocked her, just as she shocked us. But overall, it was a nice experience. I will say that I do regret sometimes letting people I know know about this blog. I have some ranting about inconsiderate people and just can’t do it on here. It’s more about people being considerate and having manners and stuff like that. But I don’t know exactly who does or doesn’t read this (Maybe a site meter would help me?) so I don’t want to rant right now. But do know that I can get very pissed and have felt that way a lot recently.

But anyway, I had to go get a new bra today. This one doesn’t have underwire and honestly, it’s a size I didn’t know existed. That really upsets me. I just know they’re going to get so big I’m going to have them reduced. I know some people go from like an A to a C, but me, well, this is just bad. I’m a pretty secure person about who I am but my big boobs are just too much for me sometime.

I’ll tell you something else. For some reason, every time I have short hair, I feel like people don’t find me attractive. I usually don’t think that most people do anyway but I feel that with short hair, it puts me into this “she looks like a boy” category that people don’t think is cute.

That’s the current hairdo.

I guess maybe it is because I just don’t look like other people. I don’t have thick blonde hair or long hair or weigh 10 pounds. Though I’ve finally conquered the majority of my body demons, the old me sometimes comes out and is like “the only person in the world who finds you attractive is your husband.” The rest think you’re this sarcastic chick with short hair and big boobs.

Now that I’m devling into the past, I’m sure this comes from high school. All my friends were the chicks who had tons of dates and everyone would sit around and talk about “who is the prettiest and had the best body.” I never won any. Gee, they even told me once that my butt was a 3 out of 10 and that “guys don’t like funny girls.”

Guys from my school didn’t date me. Hardly anyone ever asked me out and I didn’t ever have dates to prom or homecoming. Out of 12 girls in my group, I would be the only one who nobody asked. I tried to pretend it didn’t bother me, but i guess deep down, I knew something must have made me different. I still don’t know what that something is. So I guess that’s why I always think its the short hair.

But I know it goes waaaay past hair. But anyway, I just felt like getting that out. I’ll probably end up growing it out and hating it. That’s because a hairdo can’t always make you happy with who you are.

5 Responses to “Guys don’t like funny girls”

  1. Allison
    December 7th, 2003 09:24

    I think your hair is precious, girl! I’ve seen your whole face before and you are adorable!

    You are pregnant. Your boobies are going to grow, of course. And then when the baby comes and that milk comes in, Lordy Mercy they are going to be BIG. This is just a fact of life Just wear some tight low cut tops and you’ll be lookin’ HOT. Flaunt them boobies for all they are worth!

    And apparently guys do like funny girls because you are married to a wonderful man who has impregnated you with his child. So there!

    You are beautiful, sweetie!

  2. Alisha
    December 7th, 2003 14:15

    My sister had a baby about a year ago. She is 5′2 with DD breasts, before she was pregnant. She gave up on bras buring pregnancy…

  3. Jeff A
    December 8th, 2003 00:17

    Oh S.J. if only you knew. I had about the same trouble in school, only I didn’t have the friends to be compared to. Sounds like an exaggeration, I know, but until about the 7th grade I really had no friends after that it was just a few guys who were like minded but I didn’t date at all in high school.
    I spent the better part of my life trying to figure out what it was that made me so disliked in high school and could never pin point it. I know I wasn’t the most attractive guy there and I wore my hair long but I wasn’t really all that different from the “cool kids”
    In the end I avoided reunions as I really have no interest in the people who shunned me most of my young life.
    What finally made it all better was the day I remembered that I really could give a rats @$$ what anyone thinks as long as I like myself. It doesn’t hurt that my wife likes me too.
    Gads, sorry to turn this into an all about me comment, but I just wanted to say that you are not alone, you have a husband that loves you and you have a child on the way so soon you will elarn of unconditional love, the most wonderful love of all. I love my children with all my heart and will do anything for them. Good luck with motherhood and tell your husband I said good luck to him also, he would be well advised to watch your cravings and take care of them, I have been through it four times now and I truely believe that raging hormones make a woman capable of some very hard days for men. (I mean this in a nice way S.J. please put that knife down) :-)

  4. Kat
    December 8th, 2003 13:14

    I know how you feel too. I hung out with all the cool kids (in a highschool with 100 people it’s hard to find the perfect clique), anyway, I wasn’t skinny and never fit in and none of the popular boys wanted to make out with me or ask me out. I’m 30 and still not married (or dating often), have never made it to a class reunion, and am normally happy. It’s not a rare occurance. I’m sure those skinny f*&king whores from high school had some insecurities as well, they’re all knocked up now, with big hair and no boyfriends trying to figure out who daddy is…… or that’s just what I tell myself to fell better.

  5. Texas T-Bone
    December 8th, 2003 14:59

    I married a funny girl and wouldn’t trade her for a room full of oiled-up Paris Hiltons.

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