Texan by birth, Aggie by the grace of God.

Another reason why I thank God I’m a Texas Aggie.

“Citing his belief that individuals should be judged only by their merit, Texas A&M University President Robert Gates bucked the nation’s higher education establishment Wednesday by announcing the school would not use race as a factor in admissions or scholarships.”

Ify Ukpong, a black junior from Tyler, said she was disappointed.

“In a perfect world, race should not be a factor,” she said while waiting in line to see a movie on campus. “But this is not a perfect world. Even if black students get in on their merits, people will think they got in because of race. I think it’s kind of sad.”

Then why let you in on race? Just because people think that’s what is already happening? I NEVER ONCE saw a non-white person on campus and thought “Oh that black dude is here because he’s black.” If that’s how you think, you’re wrong and need to leave my school.

Don’t try to make me feel bad because I’m white. because it won’t work. And don’t try to argue your affirmative action beliefs with me, because all it does is point out to me that you’re a communist.

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