Nightmares for a week!

Want a good BS laugh but don’t know where to find it? Go here and look at the picture on the left of the body and the eye. Isn’t it freaky???

4 Responses to “Nightmares for a week!”

  1. Allison
    November 28th, 2003 17:31

    Stalking Britney fan sites again, are we?

  2. Jeff A
    December 1st, 2003 01:08

    Good Lord, I was getting ready to go to bed, now I will have nightmares about a wierd body with an eye for a head!

  3. Texas T-Bone
    December 1st, 2003 11:50

    Who is this Britney Spears you are talking about? Never heard of her.

    (As for the site’s graphics, I think the Mother Ship is calling her up.)

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