**Scratches head**

I just don’t get it.

I know that some of you do this and please, don’t take offense, but I just don’t get waking up at the butt crack of dawn on the day after Thanksgiving to shop. I mean, if you want to battle crowds at the mall later on in the day, great. But why wake up so early just so you can buy the first DVD player you see at Target or the first Barbie at Toys R US?????

4 Responses to “**Scratches head**”

  1. jhawk
    November 28th, 2003 12:04

    Aren’t you supposed to leave the shopping until the last possible minute? Then you can get into a crazy misadventure involving some hilarious hijinks that ends up with you learning the true meaning of the Christmas? Or has TV led me wrong yet again?

  2. Jeff A
    November 28th, 2003 13:35

    ugh, I hate this crap, I was just complaining about it as a matter of fact. As a general rule I really don’t mind shopping, but I don’t want to make an Olympic sport of it either.

  3. Allison
    November 28th, 2003 17:29

    I know those people are so crazy. Makes you wanna just slap ‘em don’t it?

  4. backgammon
    April 4th, 2005 21:07

    The sole end for which mankind are warranted, individually or collectively, in interfering with the liberty of action of any of their number is self-protection. by

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