People can be so stupid!

How to annoy me in no time flat:


I live in England. I have been a great fan of the rock group GROUPIE
since I first saw them live back in 1969. As well as collecting records and
videos, I also keep newscuttings of previews, interviews and reviews from
around the world. In recent years the internet has proved very helpful in my
search for such articles, and that was how I found on your website your
preview of MUSICIAN “Rubbing Elbows” show at the PLACE,
including a typically entertaining interview with MUSICIAN himself, under the
headings “BLANK wants spontenaity; no tape measures please”.

Although I have printed the text of the interview from the website, I would
much prefer to have a copy of the article as it appeared in the paper
itself. Would it therefore be possible for you or a colleague in your office
to send me the issue dated 13 November?

I am of course happy to pay the costs of the paper and overseas postage,
perhaps by e-mailing you my credit card details. If it makes the postage
significantly cheaper, you could send me just the page(s) with the MUSICIAN

And if you review the show itself, I would of course like a copy of that
item too.

Grateful for a reply to my e-mail of 16 November (below). Sorry to appear to
be chasing, but I’m worried the 13 Nov issue will become unavailable.

I found your address on the website, and am contacting you as you
seem to have administrative duties. Please forward this as necessary.

I have e-mailed your journalist SJ a couple of times (see
below) to ask about getting hold of a copy of an article about MUSICIAN
which she wrote in the 13 November edition of your paper, but I have had no
reply. Perhaps she is on holiday?

Is there somebody in your office who could help? As I have suggested below,
I could e-mail you my credit card number - and you could keep postage to a
minimum by just posting the page or section with the MUSICIAN article.

I hope very much to hear from somebody this time,

Many thanks,

OOOOOkkkkaay. Hmm, maybe if I am ignoring you it�s because I AM BUSY!?!?!?!?!? Damnit, dude. So, you�re pathetic and want every damn article written about this guy. What in the fuck am I going to do with your credit card number except go online TO BUY SHIT WITH IT????
If you don’t want to further piss me off, do not send the damn email to my COWORKER AND CC IT TO ME. She�s a freaking secretary. Secretary. Let�s say it one more time. Secretary. She hands out our damn pay checks along with memos from the United Way. Also, do you really think that the paper just THROWS away all copies of the paper after we run it? Of course we have copies. I�m just not sending any to your sorry ass. Really, I just forgot the first time, not knowing WHAT TO DO ABOUT POSTAGE TO ENGLAND. But now? I�m ignoring you on purpose. I hope this is the only story you can’t get a copy of. That’ll teach you to annoy my hormonal ass.

3 Responses to “People can be so stupid!”

  1. Allison
    November 25th, 2003 14:49

    What a loser. I swear.

  2. Texas T-Bone
    November 25th, 2003 15:24

    We could all send spam e-mails to the guy about OUR favorite musicians.

  3. gnu backgammon
    April 4th, 2005 21:07

    gnu backgammon
    I want death to find me planting my cabbages. by backgammon pieces

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