Never fun. Always sad.

Hi everyone. I’m here. I don’t know, guess I don’t have much to say right now.

I just found out that a little boy I’ve been following for a story died this morning, so I’m a little sad. On top of that, I’m a little pukey. So, that’s about all. I’ll probably post more later.

5 Responses to “Never fun. Always sad.”

  1. Allison
    November 25th, 2003 14:49

    Oh no! That is so sad!

  2. Kate
    November 25th, 2003 14:58

    {{{hugs}}} I am so sorry..

  3. Texas T-Bone
    November 25th, 2003 15:21

    I’m sorry to hear that. He looks like quite a little guy (any fan of Bob the Builder has got to be cool).

    The pukiness will subside, then you’ll probably start crying all the time. Warn your husband not to say anything dumb for the next several months.

  4. James
    November 25th, 2003 16:14


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