Yeah, thanks but no thanks.

Oh no! They’ve made an inner-office memo, just because of little old me….

“Just a quick dress code reminder for the winter months: I know the office is cold some days, particularly during the winter. If you are cold in the office (like me), please bring a cardigan or pullover sweater. Sweat jackets and sweat shirts are not appropriate during business hours. Thanks for everyone’s help on complying with this.”

Um, so yeah. Why exactly did I get a write up instead of a cute little memo??? Oh right. BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL ASSHOLES.

5 Responses to “Yeah, thanks but no thanks.”

  1. larry
    November 21st, 2003 20:59

    Hi SJ…. They’re just covering their asses for any lawsuit you may want to bring in the future. Don’t let the turkey’s get you down, you’ve got more on the ball than that sixpack of morons! Whats that song…? Breaking Up Is Always Hard To Do? Kinda late but Happy Birthday SJ…

  2. James
    November 23rd, 2003 04:37

    Oman, I’m glad I don’t have a dress code at my office or I’d quit on the spot.

  3. Texas T-Bone
    November 24th, 2003 14:48

    I worked at a large metro paper at which there was no dress code � you could literally wear anything you wanted. However, if you went out to cover something, particularly a meeting, you were reminded that you represent the paper and you’ll have to look fairly nice. That’s the way the world is, but in the office it shouldn’t matter.

    (Another paper I worked at wanted us on the copy desk to not wear jeans. Uh, hello? The office is locked after 6 p.m. and I’m here until midnight. I wore whatever I wanted, including denim shorts!)

  4. Ginevra
    November 26th, 2003 15:55

    Just why are so many offices so freakin’ cold, anyway?

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