Anyone need a babysitter?

It’s a sick world, afterall…..

Turns out everyone’s favorite idiot, Michael Jackson, has a secret children’s room in his house.


“The 45-year-old’s covert cubbyhole is a twisted version of a child’s bedroom.

A bed is adorned with pillow cases imprinted with Peter Pan’s face and the word Neverland. Sitting on the bed is a red-headed, bug-eyed stuffed doll, and on a nightstand next to the bed is a Mickey Mouse telephone.

Also next to the bed is a square console that appears to be either a radio or some sort of control terminal.

On the walls are framed pictures of smiling diapered babies, which the TV show said were not Jackson’s children.”


  1. I hope he fries (again). Let’s put him in another Pepsi commercial!

    Comment by Texas T-Bone — 11/21/2003 @ 5:36 pm

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