Pull out your party hats, I’m 24 today.

Duh na na na na na na na Today is my Birthday. Happy birthday to me! I�m back at work after a nice night of envisioning saying or doing mean things to those I work with. Of course, I won�t, but it is still fun to think it. I also celebrated this morning by coming to work and throwing up. Actually I threw up here 4 times this morning. It�s a record. Plus the 3 or 4 times at home. So basically, I feel like crap.

But, anyway. I didn�t exactly have a good night last night. Sometimes its very hard for me to take my own advice, though what everyone else tells me is probably right as well. The more I thought about it, the more none of this made sense. So, they have seen a decline in my work in the past month. I�ve also become more quiet and have started coming in later than normal (which they havent seemed to notice.) For someone who always comes in at 8 and is decently talkative and produces somewhat good work, you�d think they�d talk to me about this. I mean, maybe the hubs has cancer or my parents are suicidal or we lost our house and are living in a box. OR MAYBE I�M UNEXPECTEDLY PREGNANT. But no, they just reprimand me and give me my �final warning.� Then there�s the clothes thing. I have been wearing the same damn things for over a year now. I always stay inside the dress code, wear proper shoes and pants and every once in awhile, wear heels with a nice skirt combo. But, somehow, my blue sweater I wear AT MY DESK is inappropriate and enough for a reprimand. I would like to point out the newsroom slut�s outfit and how her damn shirts are so tight we can all practically see her tits. And her double chin offends me. We should reprimand her. While we�re reprimanding, how about we get all the people who come in WITH STAINS ON THEIR CLOTHES?? Or bring in FOUR CHILDREN TO RUN AMUCK AROUND THE NEWSROOM?
We can all see where this is going. I�ve been in contact with school districts. I plan on making the switch to teaching.

10 Responses to “Pull out your party hats, I’m 24 today.”

  1. margie
    November 20th, 2003 09:38

    Happy Birthday to you from one nauseous woman to another! Have a great day!

  2. Allison
    November 20th, 2003 14:26

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  3. Javalicious
    November 20th, 2003 14:31

    Happy Birthday SJ!!!
    Today is my good friend and hostee, SJ’s, 24th birthday today so go wish her a happy birthday why don’t ya!…

  4. Sara
    November 20th, 2003 14:44

    Happy birthday! Congrats on the baby! :)

  5. Texas T-Bone
    November 20th, 2003 15:16

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    Can’t wait to read the “Sarcastic Teacher” site. Of course, without the stupidity and cynicism of a newsroom, maybe it will be the “Happy Teacher” or something. Schools, oddly enough, are much more kid-friendly, too. Go figure! (My wife was a reporter, then took a job in the communications office of a school district. She loved it.).

  6. paisley
    November 20th, 2003 15:17

    happy 24!! i met my hubby on my 24th b-day :)

  7. Mariela
    November 20th, 2003 15:46

    happy 24th birthday :D

  8. mrsnickerz@aol.com
    November 20th, 2003 15:51

    *jumpin outta yer birthday cake in a thong*

    Happy Birthday!! ;)

  9. Jenn
    November 20th, 2003 16:41

    Hope you have a super wonderful birthday! Eat some cake for me. (Just try not to throw it up, mmm’kay?)

  10. corinne
    November 21st, 2003 13:43

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sorry about the M/S and jerks at work.

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