Whose child is this?

Just when you thought Anne Geddes couldn’t get any scarier, they bring in Celine Dion.

And what is up with the green baby hair?

6 Responses to “Whose child is this?”

  1. Ali
    October 14th, 2004 16:31

    OH MY GOD! I think I’m going to vomit now. That poor child is going to be so scarred when he/she grows up and sees this photo.

  2. Lujza
    October 14th, 2004 17:26

    That’s hilarious! I so have to show the husband this….he would so have a vomit attack!

  3. angie
    October 14th, 2004 18:06

    okok - i think that’s supposed to be cabbage, not hair.

    yeah, celine is tres scary. however, i did weep like a little girl about that woman whose husband died of cancer. that was really, really a sweet story, and those boys were ADORABLE

    but yes, celine = creepy lady

  4. Rbelle
    October 14th, 2004 20:39

    That stuff really creeps me out. I’m not really into random naked babies on my calendar.

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