One bad egg can ruin the whole bunch.

Until further notice, all comments have to be approved by ME. Don’t like it? Too fucking bad.

14 Responses to “One bad egg can ruin the whole bunch.”

  1. ginger
    October 12th, 2004 19:08

    What happened? Return of (name omitted)?

    Well I guess I just wanted to see if I was approved, haha.

  2. Rbelle
    October 12th, 2004 19:26

    Totally understandable. You really have to be careful as many of us have learned with wierd comments/emails. I went anonymous after some mild creepiness came on my blog.

  3. Rusty
    October 12th, 2004 19:49

    Were you getting hit by online poker spammers? My site had a bad attack of those today, but luckily they were easy to block. They all listed the same email address, so all I had to do in the Wordpress admin was go to Options -> Discussion and add the address as one of my spam keywords. That forced all the messages containing that address to be moderated.

  4. Stacey
    October 12th, 2004 19:55

    I don’t blame ya one bit.

  5. Caitlin
    October 12th, 2004 20:14

    I have a few guesses why, but I don’t blame you for doing it.

  6. beth
    October 12th, 2004 20:25

    sorry that happened… who did it??
    well just wanted to say hi :) hi! lol

  7. Norman
    October 12th, 2004 21:09

    What’d I say wrong this time?

  8. Robotnik
    October 13th, 2004 06:26

    It was I. I ruined the whole thing.
    By the way, thank you for all your help and leads.


  9. PinkStiletto
    October 13th, 2004 09:57

    Will boring comments like mine be omitted? Is this editorial control for the sake of the entertainment-integrity of the blog? I promise I’ll be funnier and more insightful. :P

  10. Robotnik
    October 13th, 2004 11:27

    Are you buying into the Patriot Act, SJ.
    Let the freaks say what they want.
    It makes it more interesting.
    You get upset so easily lately…
    I mean, come on…it’s not like you just had a baby or something…

  11. Sarcastic journalist
    October 13th, 2004 15:11

    if the freaks want to talk, get their own damn blog. i’m paying for this bitch and i’m crazy and i dont feel like dealing with douchebags who are trying to be creative but in fact are about as uncreative as they can get.

  12. Cindy
    October 13th, 2004 15:33

    you doo what you need to do, SJ.
    “F” everyone else.

  13. Cindy
    October 13th, 2004 15:41

    BTW…I meant to type “do” and not “doo” as in poop.

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