Ellie, Month Three.

Dear Ellie,

Tomorrow you will be three months old! We’ve made it through that whole “newborn” thing. As much fun as we’re having with you becoming more interactive, I still feel a little sad that I’m losing my brand spanking new baby.

Let me tell you, you are becoming so beautiful, pictures do not do it justice.

During this past month, you have discovered that you have legs and you spend a lot of time with your legs up in the air, swinging around for all to see. It’s really cute, like, “Hey! I have legs! Lookey here!”

I never realized it was possible to love something so little so much. I find myself missing you when we put you down for the night and just wishing I could pick you up and snuggle you. Every night, before I go to sleep, I go to your crib at the end of our bed and kiss your head and tell you I love you. Sometimes I linger just a little longer and cover your cheeks with kisses as well.

I don’t really worry about waking you up because you have inherited your Mama’s sleeping genes which means you could win the sleeping Olympics if needed.

You’ve also grown with leaps and bounds. You’re currently somewhere between 26-27 inches long and weigh 14 pounds and 5 ounces. You fill your 3-6 month clothing perfectly and it won’t be long until we’re having to pack all those up as well.

I don’t know if I’m ready to pack it up. It’s all happening so fast.

I could have never asked for a better baby. You have such a happy disposition and you’re always laughing and smiling! I love laying on the bed with you while you talk to me and playing with your toys which you are slowly beginning to discover. You grab for things now and you’re constantly putting your toys in your mouth and I’m constantly having to pull them out when you start gagging.

I can’t wait to see what you do this next month, Little Bear. You are so beautiful and wonderful and I’m so glad we have you.

8 Responses to “Ellie, Month Three.”

  1. Lauren
    October 10th, 2004 17:10

    she is absolutely beautiful =) Can you believe Ellie and Grace are going to be three months old tomorrow?? Geez I can’t!!! It flew by didn’t it?

  2. Shylah
    October 10th, 2004 18:37

    That last picture is priceless. I have one of Emily at that age with the same look on her face, like she’s thinking, “Geez, woman, would you put the camera DOWN already?”

    She is a beautiful baby!

  3. Jen
    October 10th, 2004 18:54

    Absolutely beautiful. I ALMOST miss having a baby girl.

  4. Robotnik
    October 10th, 2004 19:32

    My Gillian turns 3 months on the 15th.
    She’s discovered Daddy’s crazy, sticking up all over with pomade, hair and now grabs it and doesn’t let it go.
    She does it when I bend down to kiss her, so there’s no avoiding it.

    Damn girls!!

  5. Kim
    October 11th, 2004 10:56

    You really do have one of the most gorgeous babies I have *ever* seen!! Happy 3 months Ellie!

  6. beth
    October 11th, 2004 19:13

    aww she is so darn cute!!!:) hehe it goes by so fast!! i cant beleive mine will be 27months in 2 days

  7. Antonia
    October 11th, 2004 22:41

    Isn’t it fascinating to watch them grow, and learn? John-Malachy has just turned 8 months and let me tell you, you have so much laughter ahead of you. As she gets older the special connection between you two is going to grow stronger and more apparent, and you’ll know exactly how to make each other giggle at any given time. You’ll be the only one who can calm her, or comfort her when she hurts herself. It’s a really amazing thing.

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