This isn’t a post. Just a few little thoughts.

Free internet? Waterfront property? Dude, sign me up.

Is it bad that while watching the finale of “The Biggest Loser” on NBC last night, that I went and ate a bunch of ice cream?

Is it even worse that I wanted to send in a picture of my pregnancy belly and say that I can’t figure out why I keep gaining weight?

America’s Funniest Home Videos (Yes it is still on and NO I don’t watch it) wanted people to send in tapes of pouring milk into a glass in an unusual way. All I could think of was some lactating woman squeezing her titties over a cup.

Someone called me today to ask about antidepressants. All I could think was “Is it that obvious?”

Edited to add: It is also cool when someone comes over to your house and you have to tell them, when they use your bathroom, to use the hemorrhoid pads because you are out of toilet paper.

13 Responses to “This isn’t a post. Just a few little thoughts.”

  1. clickmom
    November 30th, 2005 13:58

    I ate through The Biggest Loser too. Must have been the nail biting tension. Pffftt… I’d like to know what anti-aging pill those people were on because somehow they all looked like teenagers by the end, well, except for the one lady who didn’t lose a pound after being kicked off, I guess she needed Jillian more than Bob.

  2. wordgirl
    November 30th, 2005 15:03

    Hey…you’re entitled. You’re riding the hormonal rollercoaster for two.

  3. Nothing But Bonfires
    November 30th, 2005 17:20

    I cried ALL THE WAY THROUGH that two-hour finale of The Biggest Loser. I can’t figure out why as I’d never watched it before, so it’s not like I had anything invested in it, but these people! They looked so pretty! And their families were so happy with them!

    Though the girl that was in the final three at the end, in the black dress….I think she’d been overdoing the diet pills in the green room while they waited for everyone else to get weighed. Because she was a little CRAZY. Too much whooping for my liking.

  4. mrtl
    November 30th, 2005 17:21

    Every time The Biggest Loser showed that room with all the snacks, I found myself getting very angry. What a waste!

  5. The Merry Widow
    November 30th, 2005 17:59

    I know we’ve already talked about this IRL, but I still think it would be funny if you could squirt the hubs in the eye with those things.

  6. Torrie
    November 30th, 2005 18:04

    I ate brownies while watching The Biggest loser.

  7. Angela
    November 30th, 2005 18:06

    Oh, honey, the ice cream is soooo not-a-feel-bad thing! Your little squirt needed all the CALCIUM in the ice cream! At least that’s what I used to tell my OB. I noshed my way through a double-dip cone every day of the last trimester with all three of my boys. It was NECESSARY for my sanity.

  8. Ninotchka
    November 30th, 2005 18:18

    “All I could think of was some lactating woman squeezing her titties over a cup.”

    Almost died laughing reading that little morsel. ROFLOL

  9. Thumper
    November 30th, 2005 19:52

    Every freaking week, I get the worst case of the munchies while watching Biggest Loser…

  10. Y
    November 30th, 2005 20:03

    ha. I once put my titty and squeezed over a bowl of rice cereal. And it worked!

  11. Karen Rani
    November 30th, 2005 20:41

    I had 3 chocolate chip cookies (homemade that I made so big and fat, they were almost muffins……..cuffins if you will), half a root beer and an apple cuz I felt so guilty. Stupid show. LOL!
    I snorted laughing about the titties in a cup thing….I love the way you think!

  12. mama_tulip
    November 30th, 2005 22:30

    Never watched TBL but I used to watch Celebrity Fit Club — the season with crazy Gary Busey — and suck back cinnamon buns like a vacuum cleaner. Come to think of it…I still suck those things back good n’ plenty, and I’m not pregnant.

  13. ieatcrayonz
    December 1st, 2005 09:19

    Yep, I had the same “Biggest Loser” thought as I watched and scarfed down a pot pie and some french fries. It almost came up every time they did a tummy stretch mark close-up…on the guys.

    And damn, now I’ve got to get preggo again so I can send in a mother’s milk video to AFV. Or maybe I can milk a goat into a glass whilst breastfeeding said imaginary baby.


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