Today is the greatest…

It’s one of those days.

A Friday, which means that this day is longer than any other day, except Monday. Except this is the Friday before a Monday holiday, which makes the day even longer than before.

She sits at her desk. Goes to Starbucks. Reads every possible web site out there. She calls Germany for an interview with an Australian women (an Australian in Germany? They have those?) and finds out the lady doesn’t want her name used. She won’t say why.

She learns the latest office gossip: The only female photographer got fired yesterday. She (as in SJ) suggests The Men are trying to oust The Women. She thinks its working.

She eats her soup, only to find out it is Noon. She still has four hours left today and has nothing to do. Her only friend at work is sick, thanks to visiting her earlier in the week. She stares into space, thinking at that exact moment that another job would be cool. Maybe she’ll be a teacher. She’ll get paid more. She scratches her chin. Just maybe….maybe a teacher. Yeah. But, she can’t be the sarcastic teacher. it wouldn’t work on her blog.

She wonders how she will spend the rest of today. She has nothing to do. But sit. And stare. And scratch her butt at periodic intervals.

4 Responses to “Today is the greatest…”

  1. Texas T-Bone
    August 29th, 2003 14:45

    Watch out, missie! I heard the girl photog got ousted for scratching her butt on assignment. Or maybe her shutterbug skills didn’t “click” with the boys club.

  2. Allison
    August 29th, 2003 18:45

    You’re a geek.

  3. mrsnickerz@aol.com
    August 29th, 2003 19:53

    Hmmm, sounds like my routine while I sit and wait for your next posting on the site. OK, so, maybe I don’t scratch my butt, but still.

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