Jessica Simpson update

Okay. One more. How can I not post this picture of Jessica Simpson??

Oh, I saw the second episode of her show yesterday. When her husband, Nick, was auditioning dancers, she decided to go buy lingere to get his attention. So she buys 2 bras, 2 panties. Doesn’t look at the price tag for some odd reason. She picks up the phone and calls Nick (while he’s out to eat with the dancers…hmm) and says “Oh no! My undies cost $750! And there’s a no return policy!”

Seriously, people. You need to watch this show. She is just that stupid. Its like watching a train wreck in really slow motion. With ass shaking involved.

5 Responses to “Jessica Simpson update”

  1. espresso
    August 29th, 2003 09:53

    after watching this show, i’m truly surprised nick is actually still with this girl. he must have a high threshold for pain and frustration! makes for good TV though. ;)

  2. Stacey
    August 29th, 2003 15:11

    Buahahah! I couldn’t believe it when I watched this.

    I definately gotta keep watching this show.

  3. James
    August 29th, 2003 19:50

    Hmm, I think she got that ‘’old-lady haircut'’ so people might take her seriously, cuz she KNOWS what a moron she’s coming off as on Newlyweds. LOL

  4. Cope
    September 2nd, 2003 19:51

    As someone who has a platinum album for working on her first album, I’ll be the one to stick up for Jessica Simpson. No, I haven’t seen the show, and, based on the few times I’ve met her, you’re probably right in surmising that she’s not the brightest girl out there.

    But isn’t that what makes her such an easy target? I mean, let’s face it: if MTV gave out IQ tests before letting people on, we wouldn’t have cultural revolutions like Jackass, the Ozbournes and — my personal favorite for idiocy — the “Real” World (emphasis mine).

    I guess the appeal of such shows is letting people feel better than a superstar — who is worth more in a year than most of us will be in our life times. So if that’s it’s intended purpose, I guess it’s doing a good job of it.

    But Jessica and — is it Nick? — get the last laugh when viewers drive up ratings and they get to cash fat MTV paychecks.

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