Mammary Madness!

Hey everyone! It is that time of year! Time for the Boobiethon! In case you didn’t know, (which you wouldn’t since I didn’t tell you) I am the Press Coordinator for the ‘thon this year. We made it into Wired Magazine!

Anyway, you should think about submitting and or donating to the ‘thon. As someone who had her very own breast cancer scare this year… funding for boobie cancer is IMPORTANT.

Now I just have to figure out how I want to photograph “the girls.”

18 Responses to “Mammary Madness!”

  1. Surfie
    September 30th, 2005 11:46

    Cool! I have a greeaatt picture of the girls I am going to submit. I’ve had a scare of my own - bilateral lumpectomies in October of 2001 which were benign. My aunt, however, wasn’t as lucky; however, she has been cancer-free for over 3 years.

  2. Y
    September 30th, 2005 11:46

    Looks like she “quoted” me. I LOVE that I’m “a blogger who goes by the letter ‘Y’”

    And YES, I’m slightly mortified at what I said. But YOU KNOW HOW I AM on the phone, once I start talking, I just ramble and don’t know when to shutup. I’m SO glad I asked her not to link me, though. haaaaaa.

  3. kim
    September 30th, 2005 12:07

    What a great fundraiser for a great cause! My mother has been fighting Inflammatory Breast Cancer for almost two years now and has so far beat the average life expectancy for her type of the disease.

    I’m totally sending in a photo of The Twins.

  4. Sharkey
    September 30th, 2005 13:02

    I’m thinking my peel ‘n’ stick boobs probably wouldn’t generate a lot of money, but what a great idea!

  5. Crystal
    September 30th, 2005 13:44

    Sounds like a great cause!! One question though, why does the “O” in ‘thon look like a hurricane symbol?

  6. Heatheranne
    September 30th, 2005 13:56

    Great cause. My mother and my future step mother had breast cancer right around the same time. It was a stressful year! I’m totally going to do it.

  7. Susan
    September 30th, 2005 18:31

    You kick ass on so many different levels. Yay for boobie-thon 2005!

  8. Leah
    September 30th, 2005 19:03

    So cool!! I love it! What an awesome idea!!!! I’m totally submitting a pic of the girls.

  9. Jack's Raging Mommy
    September 30th, 2005 21:42

    The girls do exist in photo-format, but they are a little scary.
    What happens to the pics, anyway?

  10. JustLinda
    October 1st, 2005 08:21

    Ohhhhh… I am soooo a closet exhibitionist! This is PERFECT for that, huh?? I’m in! ;)

  11. Kristin
    October 1st, 2005 10:00

    I think I’m going to tie pink ribbons on my nipple rings and have the hubs take a picture and submit it! Thanks for the link!

  12. warcrygirl
    October 2nd, 2005 07:10

    I’ve got a button on my site, an entry post about Boobiethon AND I’ve already submitted my very own pic of the girls. I’ve got some ideas and may be submitting more because I want the world to see my boobs before I lose weight and they go away. Well, they won’t really be going away; they’ll just shrink back to their former ‘B’ size.

  13. christel
    October 2nd, 2005 11:58

    earlier this year, my friend had a mastectomy. so, in honor of her, i will SHOW MY BOOBS!!!!

    what an awesome and fun way to raise money!

  14. clickmom
    October 2nd, 2005 14:13

    Just returned from a babes weekend with 6 friends. Oh the photos we could have taken! Wine, cheese, and boobs. Now I’ll just have to spread the word via email~sob~

  15. robyn
    October 2nd, 2005 15:07

    The “O” looks like a hurricane symbol because our secondary charity this year is the American Red Cross hurricane relief fund.

    We got featured in the Chicago Trib today — check your e-mail SJ. You rock my socks off baby!

  16. Orange
    October 3rd, 2005 18:39

    I believe I’ll be going with a wet-shirt photo myself. I recommend it highly. My husband said, “That’s YOU? That’s hot!”

  17. honey bunny
    October 3rd, 2005 19:48

    i sent my photo in and there they are! sweet! thanks for letting me know about this site. i’ve told everyone about it. oh and my fiance says “that’s hot” :)


  18. Mindy
    October 4th, 2005 06:29

    Oh, SJ, I wish I’d know about your biopsy at the time–I just had my lumpectomy three weeks ago. There’s only so many times they’ll stick a needle in something before they want to take it out. You’ll love the path report: benign fibroadenomatous-like breast tissue. That’s a stretch to say it’s benign, but not a kind of benign they have a name for. Fibroadenomatous tissue is common in CAT BREAST. Gah. My pathologist step dad thinks it was just a benign lesion on is way to becoming a benign fibroadenoma. Yours sounds similar, no?

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