Bitter Sweet

The bag is packed. The diaper bag is ready to go. We have bottles in the fridge. We are no longer leaving. After much discussion and a trip out to see just how we could get to the airport, we realized things were no longer good. In fact, they’re bad.

I know it is hard for people outside of this place to understand. If I were you, I’d feel the same way. They are not allowing people to head south on the service/feeder/frontage roads. You are not allowed south on the highway. All the other roads that remotely lead to anywhere else? Jammed.

The Hubs said people were parking on the highways, leaving cars on bridges, and walking. To where, I wonder. There is no where to go. Only one of our two cars has gas in it. We can’t risk leaving to idle in neverending traffic. There is no gas to buy here, hasn’t been since yesterday morning. We may be only able to get halfway to the airport to turn around. If that happens? We’re screwed.

I’m not the only person that has changed her plans. Honestly, I’m not that worried about the hurricane. We live 73 miles inland. There will be no storm surge here. Sure, there will be winds, but I don’t expect for them to tear my Mom’s house to bits.

I appreciate everyone’s concern and I know you are worried. I am worried that we are making a bad decision, but we have to do what’s best for us. Even The Hubs, who was Gung Ho that I go, realized it just wasn’t feasible.

We don’t know what is going to happen. I am not expecting a major hit here. I think it will go east. So, thank you again. Watch the news and please know that we are NOT GOING TO DIE.

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