U R Not Alone

If there’s anything about me that I could get The Hubs to vouch on, it is that I’m not too big on certain types of attention. It is one thing if I stand up in front of a group and am choosing to act funny, another when the attention comes from somewhere totally different.

Thank you to everyone who has sent emails. I was driving back from the playgroup today and had Mama Rosa on the phone and I mentioned how I’ve been gone all day so haven’t had a chance to post.

I’m assuming most of you think I’ve hung myself with the phone cord or something.

I haven’t. Do not plan on doing so, though it seemed to me that a few of you guys thought I was standing on the patio with a gun. For those of you who have “been there,” when I say that I tell myself I want to “hurt myself” or something, it is a way to me to make how I feel real.

Saying “I’m sad” only works a certain amount of times.

Part of me wishes I never wrote anything yesterday, because that part of me is having to read a few (and I say FEW) judgemental emails. The majority of you guys have been very kind, a little crazy (but that’s good) but kind.

It seems as if someone has alerted my mother because she is on her way over here to do a crazy evaluation. I have a feeling this will go over as well as the time she tried to teach me about condoms when I was twelve.

(Covering my ears) “Nah nah nah! I can’t HEEEAAAAAAAARRRRR you!”

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